Chancellor backs campaign to get 100,000 kids creating digital tech


The campaign is led by technology in education body Nesta, the Nominet Trust and Mozilla.

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has helped launch the "Make Things Do Stuff" campaign, designed to give 100,000 kids the chance to create digital technologies this summer.

The campaign, led by technology in education body Nesta, the Nominet Trust and Mozilla, will bring together technology brands like Facebook and O2 Telefonica and grassroots organisations who are already providing digital skills to young people in the UK.

Young people and businesses are being encouraged to get involved by getting behind the campaign.


Partners such as Games Britannia have already committed to delivering three days of free digital workshops for 800 school children by 15 September. Partners can help by providing mentors, resources or digital content to the campaign.

Osborne said: "Over the past few years the UK's digital economy has boomed. But we cannot take this success story for granted. By offering digital training to 100,000 youngsters in the coming months alone, this campaign is backing the entrepreneurs of the future and helping ensure that Britain is equipped to succeed in the global race."

A new website and a series of UK-wide events will provide young people with access to digital tutorials covering apps, animation, games, remixes, physical computing and websites.

A core feature of the campaign is the belief that one of the best ways to learn is "by making something, whether that's an app, game, website or digital fashion", said campaign backers.

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