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How to stand out in the new mobile and digital job boards


The latest Robert Walters Employee Insights Survey finds 73 per cent of New Zealand Gen Y'ers use their smartphones when job hunting, compared to just 50 per cent of baby boomers.


"More and more job seekers are using their smartphones at the start of the job search and for researching companies they might like to work for," says James Dalrymple, Auckland director for Robert Walters.


"Employers should take note of this and make sure their sites have been optimised for mobile viewing," he adds. "We encourage our clients to be equally mobile savvy as many potential recruits will be using their smartphones to research their organisation."

"Our website has been designed specifically for mobile viewing as we know that many of our candidates are on the move when they access our site. We also have mobile apps including the Robert Walters Salary Checker App and the Robert Walters Job Seeker App that are available for download on iPhone and Android," he states.

But when submitting their applications, the laptop was the most popular piece of technology for both groups, with 6 per cent of Gen Y using their smartphones compared to 1 per cent of baby boomers.

Robert Walters polled New Zealand professionals across sectors on how they use technology in the job search process, including browsing job boards, looking at employer sites for jobs, interview prep and displaying portfolios.

When it comes to standing out in the crowd, Robert Walters there are many ways job seekers can enhance their online profiles.

"LinkedIn is not a job board so your profile doesn't have to read like a CV or resume," says Dalrymple. "Use the experience section to tell your story -- write two or three concise sentences on your major successes or projects and how you added value, and include a professional photo to help you appear honest and trustworthy."

He also advises applicants to optimise their search rankings. "People search LinkedIn for keywords, so make it easy for others to find you by incorporating buzz words into your current and past work experience."

The survey likewise finds differences in the average tenure for the different age groups. Robert Walter says for the purposes of the survey, baby boomers refer to people born between 1946-1964, Gen X are born between 1965-1979 and Gen Y are born between 1980-1994.

When asked about the average time they spend in a role, the majority of baby boomers and Gen X respondents said three to four years, while the majority of Gen Y said one to two years.

"While the differences in average tenure could be due to the fact that Gen Y hasn't been in the workforce as long, the results also point to a trend for young professionals to leave New Zealand and gain experience overseas," says Dalrymple.

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