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Two US telecom companies to pay $3.5 million for data breach

IDG News | 2015.07.09 22:32

Sister telecom carriers stored personal information on servers accessible on the Internet.

Microsoft buries hatchet with Kyocera, ending litigation

IDG News | 2015.07.03 09:00

A deal between the two companies puts an end to a lawsuit over Android patents.

Scott McNealy sees gold in the hills of social data

IDG News | 2015.07.03 06:21

Now head of Wayin, the former Sun CEO aims to wrest enterprise value from all the chatter.

The best CIOs will be the CEOs of tomorrow

IDG News | 2015.07.02 23:00

Basil Botoulas knows where the next generation of CEOs will come from -- the ranks of current chief information officers.

Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

IDG News | 2015.06.26 08:35

Changes to Yahoo search on the mobile web will give users related content ahead of traditional links.

NASA to use holographic glasses on space station

IDG News | 2015.06.26 07:28

NASA is teaming up with Microsoft to enable astronauts onboard the orbiting space station to use the company's virtual reality headset.

Famous JavaScript framework steps back to move forward

IDG News | 2015.06.25 23:27

The new alpha version represents a change in thinking for 3D JavaScript apps technology and looks to improve on MVC.

Google's driverless car fleet to double as it prepares for new tests

IDG News | 2015.06.19 08:35

The company operates more than half of the autonomous cars permitted to drive on California roads.

Gartner tells enterprises to dump Windows 8.1 deployment plans

IDG News | 2015.06.19 06:43

With Windows 10 about to ship and Windows 8 largely panned, Gartner is recommending that enterprises skip the latter and migrate directly to the former from Windows 7.

Microsoft, Google, Mozilla team to build a faster Web

IDG News | 2015.06.18 23:42

Web Assembly will provide a standardized way to compile Web applications before they run, in order to speed their performance.

Terix to pay Oracle $58M in settlement over Solaris support

IDG News | 2015.06.12 08:41

It also can no longer distribute Solaris patches to its customers.

Hacked data on millions of US gov't workers was unencrypted, union says

IDG News | 2015.06.12 06:40

Massive breach of government data said to expose personal information on millions.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo steps down

IDG News | 2015.06.11 23:00

Co-founder Jack Dorsey will take over chief executive duties in the interim as the social network seeks a new leader.

Google teams with Adobe to reduce Flash use in Chrome

IDG News | 2015.06.05 09:11

Beta functionality sidelines animations that aren't central to a page.

Uber Cash launches in Nairobi

IDG News | 2015.06.05 06:10

Using credit or debit cards is not a popular practice in Kenya.

Openstack land grab hots up as Cisco and IBM snap up Piston Cloud and Blue Box

IDG News | 2015.06.04 23:08

Open source startups delivering software for private, public and hybrid cloud computing are attracting the cash.

College kids to the rescue with IT support startup HelloTech

IDG News | 2015.05.29 08:58

Not that Baby Boomers or Gen X homeowners are clueless about technology, but startup HelloTech is banking on people of a certain age needing a bit of assistance to live the Internet of Things dream.

Google takes another swing at payments with Android Pay

IDG News | 2015.05.29 06:55

The revamped service will let users make purchases at physical stores.

Amazon massively expands free same-day Prime delivery in the U.S.

IDG News | 2015.05.28 23:56

Want that HDMI cable today for online prices? Amazon's got you covered if you live in one of these 14 metropolitan areas.

Google to change Maps search system after offensive White House results

IDG News | 2015.05.22 07:09

Some searches for racist terms that previously triggered the White House now return nothing.

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