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Net neutrality supporters disrupt FCC meeting

IDG News | 2014.12.12 06:55

About a dozens protestors call on the agency to reclassify broadband as a regulated utility.

Lenovo recalls more than 500,000 power cords due to spark, burn risk

IDG News | 2014.12.11 23:53

Nearly half a million Lenovo devices in the U.S. need to swap out their power cord ASAP after Lenovo recalls the LS-15 AC adapter.

North Korea denies involvement in Sony Pictures hack

IDG News | 2014.12.05 09:55

A government official denied involvement as experts continued to analyze the attack.

QuaggaJS offers JavaScript-based barcode scanning

IDG News | 2014.12.05 06:54

The library supports real-time localization and decodes barcodes like EAN and Code128.

Bluetooth 4.2's IPv6 connection a shot in the arm for Internet of Things

IDG News | 2014.12.04 23:53

Direct Internet connections and IPv6 beckon.

Sony confirms development of e-paper smartwatch

IDG News | 2014.11.28 09:17

The device's e-paper display could extend to its band, according to a report.

Syrian Electronic Army posts hacking message on several news sites

IDG News | 2014.11.27 23:01

The group reportedly hijacked the DNS settings for Gigya, a customer management platform.

Cheap access to the Internet should be a human right: survey

IDG News | 2014.11.26 22:59

Affordable Internet access around the world should be a basic human right as it is essential for freedom of expression and economic opportunity, according to the results of a global survey released by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).

Google: Would you pay to not see ads on favorite websites?

IDG News | 2014.11.21 11:30

Would you trade ads for a monthly payment? Google wants users to rethink the way their favorite websites are funded.

Cameras, robotic mules could help battle Ebola in West Africa

IDG News | 2014.11.21 06:28

Researchers are working on technology that could be shipped to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak as soon as a few months from now, while also looking ahead to bigger plans to combat any disease outbreak.

Fujitsu servers get DataCore certified

IDG News | 2014.11.20 22:27

DataCore Software has given certification to Fujitsu Primergy BX and CX servers.

This suspected cybercriminal may be buying coke with your online bank funds

IDG News | 2014.11.14 11:29

CSIS Security Group has turned over its findings to law enforcement in several countries.

Amazon launches Lambda, an event-driven compute service

IDG News | 2014.11.14 09:12

Lambda replaces the need to run a separate virtual machine to coordinate multiple AWS services.

Mozilla explores virtual reality Web development

IDG News | 2014.11.13 23:28

MozVR offers source code, tools, and tutorials to help developers build their own VR sites.

Apple was warned about WireLurker months ago, Georgia Tech researcher says

IDG News | 2014.11.07 10:08

The WireLurker malware that may have infected hundreds of thousands of Mac OS and iOS devices is exactly similar to a proof-of-concept attack Apple was warned about at the beginning of this year, according to the researcher who first publicly described such attacks.

Study: Internet sales tax would cost consumers billions

IDG News | 2014.11.06 23:47

Legislation allowing cross-border Internet sales tax collections would cost US shoppers $24 billion in 2015, an antitax group says.

Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

IDG News | 2014.10.31 11:41

He was currently in charge of Google;s robotics efforts.

SoftBank betting $10 billion on Indian Internet market

IDG News | 2014.10.28 22:51

SoftBank also announced investments in two online businesses in India.

More Beats than Spotify: Microsoft to kill free Xbox Music streaming

IDG News | 2014.10.24 08:00

Subscribers will be able to rock on past December 1, but Microsoft's pressing Stop on non-paying listeners.

Wearable health devices are a novelty that wear off

IDG News | 2014.10.23 18:56

A new PwC report shows that one third of those who bought a health-monitoring wearable device more than a year ago rarely use them now.

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