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How to stand out in the new mobile and digital job boards

IDG News | 2014.08.01 10:09

The latest Robert Walters Employee Insights Survey finds 73 per cent of New Zealand Gen Y'ers use their smartphones when job hunting, compared to just 50 per cent of baby boomers.

SAP ties up with Apigee for API management

IDG News | 2014.07.31 20:30

Apigee's platform will serve as a middleman between SAP systems and mobile apps.

Samsung profit sags amid Chinese competition

IDG News | 2014.07.31 10:09

Chinese rivals are chipping away at Samsung's profit.

Salesforce.com launches Sales Reach for real-time selling and marketing

IDG News | 2014.07.24 14:04

Salespeople can track prospects closer than ever before.

Teradata Acquisitions Accelerate Big Data Innovation

IDG News | 2014.07.23 23:08

Underscores commitment to customer value, extends big data portfolio, and expands the capabilities of Teradata's Unified Data Architecture.

NSW state government opens new window on data

IDG News | 2014.07.22 22:01

The NSW government has launched the Open Data Dashboard to better help the community engage with its data.

HK is fourth most desirable market to expand to

IDG News | 2014.07.18 08:55

Hong Kong is the fourth most desirable economy in the world - and the second in Asia - for business expansion, according to a new survey from BT Global Services.

Chinese authorities find no underage workers at Samsung supplier

IDG News | 2014.07.17 23:12

Samsung has already temporarily suspended business with the supplier.

Microsoft may announce its biggest layoffs ever on Thursday

IDG News | 2014.07.17 11:11

The action will be much bigger than the 5,800 job cuts announced in 2009, The New York Times said.

Infosys revenue and profit rise ahead of CEO change

IDG News | 2014.07.11 12:17

SAP's former technology chief Vishal Sikka will take over as CEO of Infosys on Aug. 1

Amazon allowed kids to spend millions on in-app purchases, FTC says

IDG News | 2014.07.10 23:47

The agency's lawsuit against Amazon mirrors its earlier action against Apple for a similar problem.

Mike Lynch invests in medical analytics firm

IDG News | 2014.07.09 23:19

Latest investment made by ex-Autonomy founder's Invoke Capital.

Flickr, OneDrive and messaging apps face disruptions in China

IDG News | 2014.07.04 11:00

China could be targeting the products to suppress mention of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

New tools let IT admins cut the cord to manage mobile users

IDG News | 2014.07.04 09:22

The new version of MobileIron's management software gives mobility to IT administrators, and segments and segregates admin privileges.

Apple's new Mac Pro Security Adapter keeps your desktop safe and sound

IDG News | 2014.07.03 23:20

You spent a lot of money on that fancy new Mac Pro--now's the time to make sure that investment stays safe and secure.

Android malware targets South Korean online banking customers

IDG News | 2014.06.27 11:15

Thousands have been infected by malware masquerading as a legitimate banking application, Cheetah Mobile said.

Reports: German government to drop Verizon because of U.S. spying

IDG News | 2014.06.27 07:13

It will shift to Deutsche Telekom after revelations about NSA eavesdropping.

Bing positions itself as go-to destination for Twitter search

IDG News | 2014.06.26 23:08

Microsoft's Bing search engine says it will deliver quick links to Twitter topics, usernames and other information.

Google acquires video ads company mDialog

IDG News | 2014.06.20 11:00

In a separate development, Google said the team at wireless company Alpental Technologies had joined it.

"Green screen" tech needs to modernise for BYOD: Micro Focus

IDG News | 2014.06.20 07:58

A growing number of businesses will face challenges associated with legacy IT systems, according to Micro Focus.

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