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Google's Web page hosting service closed to new users

IDG News | 2006.02.24 23:23

Google Inc. launched an early test version of a Web page creation and hosting service on Thursday and hours later stopped accepting sign-ups, citing overwhelming demand.

Security holiday is over for Mac users

IDG News | 2006.02.24 23:22

The flurry of security issues involving Apple's Mac OS X over the past few days once again hammers home the fact that no technology platform is invulnerable to attacks, whatever the perception might otherwise be, security analysts said.

Open-source router firm looks to take on Cisco, Juniper

IDG News | 2006.02.24 23:22

Vyatta, an open-source router company, released the first beta version of its WAN router code this week, with the goal of becoming the networking equivalent of Linux or Firefox, but taking aim at Cisco instead of Microsoft.

Microsoft ALM server to debut

IDG News | 2006.02.23 23:28

Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server initially will be limited in how users can access it over the Internet, according to a Microsoft blogger.

Gartner: Flash saved DRAM from collapse in 2005

IDG News | 2006.02.14 13:47

The flash memory chips popular in consumer devices from iPod music players to memory cards for digital cameras and mobile phones saved the DRAM (dynamic RAM) industry from a major collapse last year, market researcher Gartner Dataquest said Monday.

Bush may end US tech funding program

IDG News | 2006.02.14 13:47

A federal program that funds "high-risk" technologies is at high risk of going out of business if Congress approves U.S. President George Bush's proposed federal budget for next year. Since it started awarding grants in 1990, the Advance Technology Program (ATP) has distributed some US$2.2 billion in funding to projects focusing on a range of subjects, including information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology and advanced materials.

Nokia, Sanyo agree to combine CDMA businesses

IDG News | 2006.02.14 13:45

Nokia Corp. and Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. have basically agreed to merge their CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) mobile phone businesses into a single company with a view to capturing the top share of the global CDMA market, they said Tuesday.

Microsoft to offer first look at Office Live

IDG News | 2006.02.14 13:39

Microsoft Corp. plans to give users a first look at its Office Live hosted service on Wednesday, according to the company. Microsoft plans to offer the service in three versions, one of which will be advertising-supported and free of charge to customers.

Nézze ön is online konferenciáinkat!

Üzlet | 2006.02.13 11:32

Új szolgáltatásunk segítségével az interneten is megnézheti és meghallgathatja az IDG konferenciák előadásait.

Via's latest chipset supports faster Intel processors

IDG News | 2006.02.10 15:08

Taiwanese chip vendor Via Technologies Inc. Thursday announced a new chipset for Intel Corp. processors that support faster front-side bus and memory technologies.

Oracle to cut 2,000 jobs in Siebel integration

IDG News | 2006.02.10 15:08

The integration of Siebel Systems Inc. into Oracle Corp. will result in a reduction of 2,000 in the total workforce of the combined companies, but a majority of the layoffs will affect Oracle employees, Oracle said Thursday.

Sony Ericsson phones vulnerable to DoS attacks

IDG News | 2006.02.10 15:07

If you use a Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB mobile phone, you may want to disable the Bluetooth function, the French Security Incident Response Team (FrSIRT) warned this week, saying a security vulnerability potentially puts the phones at risk to a denial-of-service (DoS) attack.

Trend Micro reports record sales, profits for 2005

IDG News | 2006.02.10 15:06

Sales and profits at Trend Micro Inc. reached record levels in 2005 despite the company incurring millions of dollars in costs after releasing a faulty update to its antivirus software early in the year.

Google bringing search to historical manuscripts

IDG News | 2006.02.10 15:05

History buffs can search George Washington's manuscripts online today for terms like "revolution," but only thanks to the tireless workers who transcribed the hand-written documents into digital form.

MSN won't rebrand itself

IDG News | 2006.02.09 15:10

Though the new head of Microsoft Corp.'s MSN division has been calling the company's MSN portal "MSN Media Network" internally, Microsoft has no formal plans to rebrand the site, a Microsoft spokeswoman said Thursday.

Wall Street Beat: Company shakeups stir market

IDG News | 2006.02.09 15:09

As earnings season wound down this week an upbeat forecast from Cisco Systems Inc. sparked a jump in trading in IT, while news of shakeups at Borland Software Corp. and Gateway Inc. caused concern for technology investors.

Plextor offers network attached storage

IDG News | 2006.02.07 12:07

Plextor, perhaps best known to Mac users for its external optical drives and personal video recorder (PVR) devices, has entered the Network Attached Storage (NAS) market with the introduction of its PX-EH line. Prices start at US$299.

Gmail becomes a Google Talk interface

IDG News | 2006.02.07 12:06

Google Inc. is tightening the link between Gmail and Google Talk by allowing users to conduct instant messaging text chat sessions from within the Webmail service's interface, the Mountain View, California, company plans to announce on Tuesday.

First phone to use Memory Stick Micro is unveiled

IDG News | 2006.02.07 12:06

The first cell phone to make use of Sony Corp.'s new Memory Stick Micro memory card format was unveiled by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB on Monday.

Google, Skype join investors to pump cash into Fon

IDG News | 2006.02.06 13:54

Google Inc. and Skype Ltd. have teamed up with two venture capital firms, Index Ventures and Sequoia Capital, to invest ?18 million (US$21.6 million) in Fon Technology SL, a Madrid-based startup that wants to build a global network of Wi-Fi hotspots.

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