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Microsoft push e-mail hits Symbian phones first

IDG News | 2006.02.06 13:52

DataViz Inc. planned to release a new version of its RoadSync 2 software on Monday that will let users of certain Symbian smart phones receive push e-email from corporate Microsoft Outlook accounts.

Samsung unveils digital TV phone for Europe

IDG News | 2006.02.06 13:52

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. detailed on Monday its first cell phone for the European market that includes support for digital TV services.

Opera adds 'widgets' to Web browser

IDG News | 2006.02.06 13:51

Opera Software ASA will include support for "widgets," or small programs that run on a user's desktop, with a technical preview of its Opera 9 Web browser due to be released Tuesday, a company spokesman said.

Nyxem worm: Quiet so far

IDG News | 2006.02.03 13:55

The Nyxem worm, also known by the names Kama Sutra, MyWife and Blackdoom, was set to activate a dangerous payload Feb. 3 that would wipe out files held in infected desktop computers. However, as the day moves forward hour by hour across the globe, security experts say they see few signs yet of widespread Nyxem damage.

Mobile phone sales topped 800 million in 2005, says IDC

IDG News | 2006.01.30 13:53

IDC reported on Thursday that high-end devices helped contribute to the shipment of 825 million mobile phones in 2005.

California man arrested in AOL phishing scheme

IDG News | 2006.01.30 13:52

An Azusa, Calif., man was arrested on federal charges Thursday after allegedly using fake e-mail accounts to trick America Online Inc. users into sending him their personal and credit card information so he could make illegal purchases with their information.

Gates to unveil Microsoft's strategy for government IT

IDG News | 2006.01.30 13:47

Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates is planning this week to unveil the company's strategy for the government IT market, an intensely competitive area that has seen open-source software gain a strong foothold.

SAP launches new premium support offer

IDG News | 2006.01.30 13:46

Business application vendor SAP AG is adding a new support service targeting customers who want more than the company's standard offering, but not its pricier high-end service product.

Google tests enhanced toolbar

IDG News | 2006.01.30 13:44

Google Inc. plans to release on Monday an improved test version of its browser toolbar whose functionality can be extended with custom buttons.

Oracle fires back at security researcher

IDG News | 2006.01.28 13:51

Oracle Corp. and a security researcher are trading heated barbs over a vulnerability in the company's software that has gone unpatched since it was discovered in October.

CA to combine asset tools in integrated suite

IDG News | 2006.01.28 13:49

Computer Associates International Inc. on Monday will announce a suite of software tools for merging IT asset management functions ranging from hardware inventory to contract management.

US court sets date for Google hearing

IDG News | 2006.01.27 13:52

Google Inc. attorneys will square off against the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) at a Feb. 27 hearing over the issue of providing the government with information about searches for pornography on the company's site.

Allchin willing to delay Windows Vista for quality

IDG News | 2006.01.27 13:48

Microsoft Corp. has finished development on Windows Vista and expects to ship the product by the end of the year, around the same time venerated Windows development leader Jim Allchin said he will retire from the company. But Allchin said Friday he is willing to put off both of those events if Windows Vista doesn't reach a standard of quality with which he is comfortable.

Typically, low- and mid-range phones drive sales, IDC said. But while high-end devices still make up a relatively small proportion of overall shipments, the category reported a big year-over-year leap. More than 55 million converged mobile devices shipped

IDG News | 2006.01.26 13:55

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday reported the highest quarterly revenue in company history for its fiscal 2006 second quarter on the strength of its Windows OS and a series of highly anticipated product releases. Still, the company fell slightly shy of analysts' revenue expectations.

Bulgaria arrests eight for phishing operation

IDG News | 2006.01.23 13:39

Authorities in Bulgaria arrested eight people last week who allegedly stole financial information using a variety of fake Web pages carrying Microsoft Corp. logos, netting the group at least US$50,000.

Nyxem worm programmed to overwrite data files on Feb. 3

IDG News | 2006.01.23 13:39

Antivirus vendors are warning of a rapidly-spreading worm that is carrying a potentially destructive set of instructions. The Nyxem worm - also nicknamed the Kama Sutra worm - is programmed to overwrite all of the files on computers it infects on Feb. 3, said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure Corp.

New Adobe software turns 3D images to PDFs

IDG News | 2006.01.23 01:41

Adobe Systems Inc. Monday is releasing software that will allow designers and engineers to save 3D images as PDF (Portable Document Format) files and share those files with anyone who has the free Adobe Acrobat reader, the company said.

Philips Q4 profit dips on one-off charges

IDG News | 2006.01.22 13:40

Dutch electronics giant Koninklijke Philips Electronics NV reported Monday a drop in fourth-quarter profit due to one-off charges.

Sony plans digital SLR launch in mid-year

IDG News | 2006.01.21 13:42

Sony Corp. is on track to launch its first digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera in the middle of this year, a company executive said Friday.

US government wrestles Google for search records

IDG News | 2006.01.20 13:43

The U.S. government is asking a California court to force Google Inc. to turn over information about usage of the company's search engine for finding pornography on the Internet.

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