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GE unveils data analytics cloud

IDG News | 2015.08.07 17:25

GE is entering the cloud market with what it claims is the world's first solution designed specifically for industrial data and analytics.

GameOver ZeuS criminals spied on Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and OPEC

IDG News | 2015.08.07 17:20

The criminals behind the GameOver ZeuS Botnet didn't just steal $100 million from banks -- they also spied on several countries on behalf of Russia, according to a Black Hat presentation Wednesday by an FBI agent and two other security experts.

Mozilla issues quick fix for Firefox zero-day bug

IDG News | 2015.08.07 17:12

Mozilla yesterday updated its Firefox browser to patch a zero-day vulnerability being used to harvest passwords on Windows and Linux machines.

Lawmakers headed to Silicon Valley to push tech companies on diversity

IDG News | 2015.07.31 09:08

Recent data released by tech companies show low representation in their workforce for women, Hispanics and blacks.

Researchers improve de-anonymization attacks for websites hiding on Tor

IDG News | 2015.07.30 22:43

Attackers controlling entry nodes on the Tor network could find the location of hidden services or unmask users visiting them.

Video gaming sparks excitement in China

IDG News | 2015.07.30 14:00

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were big attractions at this year's ChinaJoy show.

Windows revenue takes another bad beating

IDG News | 2015.07.24 09:00

Microsoft's Windows revenue again declined by double digits, the third straight such quarter, with sales of licenses to computer makers down 22% from the same period last year.

Amazon posts a profit as AWS sales nearly double

IDG News | 2015.07.24 07:37

Amazon earned $92 million in the second quarter on higher overall revenue.

Walmart to boost its e-commerce investment in China

IDG News | 2015.07.23 13:37

Walmart is taking full ownership of Yihaodian, a Chinese online retailer.

Enterprise Java moves back into the spotlight this fall

IDG News | 2015.07.17 08:43

The annual JavaOne conference, coming this October, will feature a big dose of Java EE content.

Google reports strong earnings, propelling its stock

IDG News | 2015.07.17 00:50

Growth in the company's revenue, however, has slowed in recent years.

Facebook tests buy button on Pages to help small businesses sell you stuff

IDG News | 2015.07.16 21:41

If it seems like every social network wants you to buy more stuff, well, you're not completely off-base.

Amazon makes it easier to test mobile apps in its cloud

IDG News | 2015.07.10 09:07

AWS launched Device Farm, a service for mobile app developers to test their apps on a range of phones and tablets in Amazon's cloud.

PC shipments decline worldwide as market readies for Windows 10

IDG News | 2015.07.10 07:30

Apple posts year-over-year sales gains while other PC vendors shrink.

Two US telecom companies to pay $3.5 million for data breach

IDG News | 2015.07.09 22:32

Sister telecom carriers stored personal information on servers accessible on the Internet.

Út a digitalizált irodáig

Üzlet | 2015.07.06 08:00

Elkerülhetetlen a versenyben maradni kívánó vállalatok számára az irodai munkafolyamatok digitalizálása, melynek révén automatizálható és felgyorsítható egy sor, ma még papíralapú tevékenység.

Microsoft buries hatchet with Kyocera, ending litigation

IDG News | 2015.07.03 09:00

A deal between the two companies puts an end to a lawsuit over Android patents.

Scott McNealy sees gold in the hills of social data

IDG News | 2015.07.03 06:21

Now head of Wayin, the former Sun CEO aims to wrest enterprise value from all the chatter.

The best CIOs will be the CEOs of tomorrow

IDG News | 2015.07.02 23:00

Basil Botoulas knows where the next generation of CEOs will come from -- the ranks of current chief information officers.

Yahoo spruces up mobile search with related content

IDG News | 2015.06.26 08:35

Changes to Yahoo search on the mobile web will give users related content ahead of traditional links.

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