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Google teams with Adobe to reduce Flash use in Chrome

IDG News | 2015.06.05 09:11

Beta functionality sidelines animations that aren't central to a page.

Uber Cash launches in Nairobi

IDG News | 2015.06.05 06:10

Using credit or debit cards is not a popular practice in Kenya.

Openstack land grab hots up as Cisco and IBM snap up Piston Cloud and Blue Box

IDG News | 2015.06.04 23:08

Open source startups delivering software for private, public and hybrid cloud computing are attracting the cash.

Legfrissebb bigdata-trendek

Üzlet | 2015.06.03 09:54

Egyre több vállalatnál tapasztalják, hogy az adatvezérelt projektek jelentősen javítják a döntéshozatal, a tervezés és az előrejelzés hatékonyságát.

College kids to the rescue with IT support startup HelloTech

IDG News | 2015.05.29 08:58

Not that Baby Boomers or Gen X homeowners are clueless about technology, but startup HelloTech is banking on people of a certain age needing a bit of assistance to live the Internet of Things dream.

Google takes another swing at payments with Android Pay

IDG News | 2015.05.29 06:55

The revamped service will let users make purchases at physical stores.

Amazon massively expands free same-day Prime delivery in the U.S.

IDG News | 2015.05.28 23:56

Want that HDMI cable today for online prices? Amazon's got you covered if you live in one of these 14 metropolitan areas.

Google to change Maps search system after offensive White House results

IDG News | 2015.05.22 07:09

Some searches for racist terms that previously triggered the White House now return nothing.

Cisco bypassed Russian sanctions to continue sales: report

IDG News | 2015.05.22 05:45

Cisco reportedly skirted sanctions in order to sell networking equipment to Russia's military.

Verizon hit by an 8-hour email outage

IDG News | 2015.05.21 20:57

A lot of Verizon's email customers woke up to find that their service was down. For many, the problem persisted for 8 hours.

Oracle zeroes in on Hadoop data with new analytics tool

IDG News | 2015.05.15 08:24

New offering focuses on spatial and graph capabilities.

Reddit's new anti-harassment rules anger some users

IDG News | 2015.05.15 07:23

They fear the changes will curtail free expression on the site, and questioned the company's motives.

Bots now outnumber humans on the web

IDG News | 2015.05.14 23:22

Bot traffic has surpassed humans this year, now accounting for 59 percent of all site visits, according to a report released today by Distil Networks.

AMD puts faith back in x86, downgrading its ARM effort

IDG News | 2015.05.08 08:43

AMD is re-centering its server strategy around x86 after two years of focusing on ARM produced no results.

Facebook's software smarts put cold storage on a power diet

IDG News | 2015.05.08 05:42

The company's new backup storage centers get by with less energy.

Google killing PageSpeed website service

IDG News | 2015.05.07 23:41

Google has alerted users of its PageSpeed Service for making websites zippier that it will be killing off the tools as of Aug. 3.

Enterprise software vendors ready Apple Watch apps

IDG News | 2015.04.24 05:58

Microsoft and Good Technology are among the software vendors that have created business-focused apps for the smartwatch.

Google sales hit a speed bump in Q1

IDG News | 2015.04.23 23:27

Total sales grew by 12 percent, below analysts' projections.

Huawei eyes US enterprise market despite political challenges

IDG News | 2015.04.23 07:42

Huawei wants its enterprise business to drive the company's future growth.

Wikileaks publishes hacked Sony emails, documents

IDG News | 2015.04.17 08:55

Thousands of documents are included in a searchable archive.

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