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Mozilla explores virtual reality Web development

IDG News | 2014.11.13 23:28

MozVR offers source code, tools, and tutorials to help developers build their own VR sites.

Apple was warned about WireLurker months ago, Georgia Tech researcher says

IDG News | 2014.11.07 10:08

The WireLurker malware that may have infected hundreds of thousands of Mac OS and iOS devices is exactly similar to a proof-of-concept attack Apple was warned about at the beginning of this year, according to the researcher who first publicly described such attacks.

Study: Internet sales tax would cost consumers billions

IDG News | 2014.11.06 23:47

Legislation allowing cross-border Internet sales tax collections would cost US shoppers $24 billion in 2015, an antitax group says.

A Project029 vette meg a STORY4 és STORY5 tévécsatornákat

Üzlet | 2014.11.06 16:00

A Project029 Media and Communications Kft., korábbi nevén IDG Hungary Kft. vásárolta meg a Central Médiacsoport televíziós üzletágát.

Android creator Andy Rubin leaving Google

IDG News | 2014.10.31 11:41

He was currently in charge of Google;s robotics efforts.

SoftBank betting $10 billion on Indian Internet market

IDG News | 2014.10.28 22:51

SoftBank also announced investments in two online businesses in India.

More Beats than Spotify: Microsoft to kill free Xbox Music streaming

IDG News | 2014.10.24 08:00

Subscribers will be able to rock on past December 1, but Microsoft's pressing Stop on non-paying listeners.

Wearable health devices are a novelty that wear off

IDG News | 2014.10.23 18:56

A new PwC report shows that one third of those who bought a health-monitoring wearable device more than a year ago rarely use them now.

Chipmaker AMD will cut staff by 7 percent

IDG News | 2014.10.17 13:12

AMD's layoff news comes just a week after Lisa Su took over as CEO.

Hackers strike defense companies through real-time ad bidding

IDG News | 2014.10.17 10:09

Malicious advertisements are being 'micro-targeted' at defense companies, Invincea said.

Apple iPad Air 2 is thinner and speedier than its predecessors

IDG News | 2014.10.16 23:11

Apple took the wraps off its next-generation tablets at an event Thursday.

Apple is now 5th largest PC maker in the world

IDG News | 2014.10.10 06:27

IDC says Apple surpassed Asus to crack into the top 5 global PC makers--though numbers from rival firm Gartner disagree.

Coca-Cola gets inspiration for IT automation from its bottling plants

IDG News | 2014.10.09 13:09

Able to tell what people are buying from vending machines and when.

Brocade adopts OpenDaylight for Vyatta SDN controller

IDG News | 2014.10.03 06:54

Brocade has turned to the open source community for its new Vyatta controller.

Microsoft slips, spills app volume purchase program for Windows 10

IDG News | 2014.10.02 23:00

The disclosure of Microsoft's volume purchasing program seemed to have been premature.

Amazon readies for major reboot

IDG News | 2014.09.26 10:07

Amazon Web Services will be updating a substantial number of its cloud servers, and has asked customers to re-launch their instances.

Apple offers workaround for iPhones borked by iOS 8.0.1

IDG News | 2014.09.26 07:06

Apple intended Wednesday's iOS update to fix a few major problems in the latest version of its mobile operating system, but instead saw an entire category of iPhones disabled by the release.

New toolkit seeks routers, Internet of Things for DDoS botnet

IDG News | 2014.09.25 23:05

Security researchers have recently discovered a toolkit capable of infecting computers, routers and Internet of Things devices to launch large-scale simultaneous DDoS attacks.

Malicious advertisements distributed by DoubleClick, Zedo networks

IDG News | 2014.09.19 10:29

The advertisements redirect victims to the Nuclear exploit kit, which tries to install the Zemot malware.

Samsung drops Knox prices and introduces Knox user portal

IDG News | 2014.09.18 23:28

Samsung on Thursday announced price reductions and updates for its Knox security and management software for IT shops and a free My Knox service that is directly available to professionals using ActiveSync.

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