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Pirates steal NEC's identity

IDG News | 2006.04.28 13:52

NEC Corp. has been the victim of a large-scale piracy ring that sold both counterfeit NEC goods as well as NEC-branded products that the company does not even manufacture, it acknowledged on Friday.

Microsoft posts profit growth for fiscal third quarter

IDG News | 2006.04.28 12:06

Amid product delays, management shake-ups, and continuing European legal troubles, Microsoft on Thursday posted nearly US$3 billion in net income for its fiscal third quarter on revenue of almost $11 billion.

Microsoft developing next mobile OS: Crossbow

IDG News | 2006.04.25 08:43

Microsoft Corp., which has been carving a larger slice of the mobile device OS market, is developing a new product, code-named "Crossbow," which will incorporate features such as instant messaging, a Microsoft executive confirmed Monday.

Sony, Samsung to further raise LCD production

IDG News | 2006.04.20 10:43

S-LCD Corp., the LCD (liquid crystal display) panel production joint venture of Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., plans to invest a further 222 billion won (US$237 million) to expand production at its factory in Tangjeong, South Korea, it said Wednesday.

Google upgrades enterprise search products

IDG News | 2006.04.19 12:32

Google Inc. plans to revamp its enterprise search devices on Wednesday when it announces a new version of its Google Mini for small and medium-sized businesses and an upgrade to its Search Appliance for larger organizations.

Software, microelectronics drive IBM profit

IDG News | 2006.04.19 12:27

A focus on higher-margin products and strong sales in middleware and microelectronics helped fuel IBM Corp. first quarter profit, the company said Tuesday.

Samsung begins making DDR2 with 80-nanometer process

IDG News | 2006.03.13 11:17

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has begun mass production of 512M-bit DDR (double data rate 2) DRAM (dynamic RAM) chips using an 80-nanometer production process, the company said Monday.

Sharp to increase LCD capacity by 20 percent

IDG News | 2006.02.27 11:45

Sharp Corp. confirmed Monday that it plans to raise LCD (liquid crystal display) panel production capacity at one of its factories in Japan by 20 percent.

Imation to manufacture HD-DVD, Blu-ray optical media

IDG News | 2006.02.24 23:27

Imation, a worldwide supplier of removable data storage media, has announced that it has begun its scale-up of manufacturing for HD-DVD and Blu-ray optical recordable media in preparation for product introduction early this year.

SAP launches new premium support offer

IDG News | 2006.01.30 13:46

Business application vendor SAP AG is adding a new support service targeting customers who want more than the company's standard offering, but not its pricier high-end service product.

Allchin willing to delay Windows Vista for quality

IDG News | 2006.01.27 13:48

Microsoft Corp. has finished development on Windows Vista and expects to ship the product by the end of the year, around the same time venerated Windows development leader Jim Allchin said he will retire from the company. But Allchin said Friday he is willing to put off both of those events if Windows Vista doesn't reach a standard of quality with which he is comfortable.

Typically, low- and mid-range phones drive sales, IDC said. But while high-end devices still make up a relatively small proportion of overall shipments, the category reported a big year-over-year leap. More than 55 million converged mobile devices shipped

IDG News | 2006.01.26 13:55

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday reported the highest quarterly revenue in company history for its fiscal 2006 second quarter on the strength of its Windows OS and a series of highly anticipated product releases. Still, the company fell slightly shy of analysts' revenue expectations.

Adobe Production Studio: a videoszerkesztés új távlatai

Tech | 2006.01.18 11:34

A professzionális videós szakembereknek készült, új programcsomag a Video Collection utóda, immár a Creative Suite termékcsalád tagjaként nyit új távlatokat.

Taiwan legislature takes on Microsoft

IDG News | 2006.01.16 12:33

Taiwan's legislature has passed a resolution asking the government to reduce its purchases of Microsoft Corp. products by 25 percent this year, a further sign the world's largest software company is running into resistance in Asia.

Microsoft patches two critical vulnerabilities

IDG News | 2006.01.11 12:39

As part of its monthly security updates, Microsoft Corp. Tuesday released patches for two critical vulnerabilities in its products. The more serious of the two flaws is a remote code execution vulnerability affecting Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server products.

Sharp to speed up LCD factory expansion

IDG News | 2006.01.11 12:28

Sharp Corp. is planning to increase production at its two LCD (liquid crystal display) factories in Japan in response to anticipated soaring demand for flat-panel LCD televisions over the next few years, it said Wednesday. The company also expects to report record sales in 2006.

Fight between Blu-ray, HD-DVD bad for everyone

IDG News | 2006.01.06 13:43

The drive to replace DVD technology with newer discs boasting greater storage capacity has come down to two major competing formats, and the coming marketplace battle will be bad for companies and users, the head of a major U.S. technology products retailer said Friday.

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