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Researcher releases exploit code that can allegedly crash pcAnywhere

IDG News | 2012.02.23 07:47

Exploit code for a denial-of-service vulnerability identified in Symantec's pcAnywhere product, was published on the Internet.

Apple could face U.S. lawsuit related to iPad trademark dispute in China

IDG News | 2012.02.17 07:02

Chinese company Proview said it started developing its own "iPAD" product in 1998.

Sony completes buy of Sony Ericsson, will rename as Sony Mobile Communications

IDG News | 2012.02.16 07:27

The Japanese tech gaint said last year it would buy the joint venture to integrate smartphones more into its other products.

Foxconn said to have been hacked by group critical of working conditions

IDG News | 2012.02.09 07:21

The leaked files are said to include usernames and passwords required to place orders on a Foxconn site.

Cisco aims to simplify, unify collaboration products' design, interfaces

IDG News | 2012.01.30 07:33

The initiative is called Futurama internally and will touch products like WebEx, Quad, Jabber IM and Tandberg.

Samsung smartphones, TVs help drive strong 4Q profits, even as rivals falter

IDG News | 2012.01.27 07:33

The Korean electronics behemoth said it will aim for products that create new categories, such as its Galaxy Note.

Samsung wins against Apple in the Netherlands on tablet design

IDG News | 2012.01.25 07:49

Apple's products do not warrant the intellectual property protections that it claims, Samsung said.

First look: OnLive Desktop

IDG News | 2012.01.17 07:24

OnLive made its mark with a streaming service that allows almost anyone with broadband access--whether they're on a Mac, PC or other platform--to play a wide array of PC games. OnLive's servers do all the heavy processing--3D rendering and such--then stream the resulting video to client apps via a broadband link. If you can stream an interactive, high intensity PC game over the internet, why not stream productivity apps, too? That's exactly what OnLive Desktop does.

Symantec acquires LiveOffice cloud-based archiving company

IDG News | 2012.01.17 07:22

Symantec said the acquisition will add a cloud-based option to its lineup of information governance products.

ITC favors Microsoft in Motorola tiff

IDG News | 2011.12.21 09:16

An ITC administrative law judge found that Motorola Android products infringe a Microsoft patent.

Did HP just give webOS 'a death sentence'?

IDG News | 2011.12.12 07:06

Analysts don't expect major hardware vendors to build products using the OS.

US judge denies Apple request to halt sales of some Samsung products

IDG News | 2011.12.05 08:04

Full case to go to court July 30, 2012.

Western Digital warns of slow recovery in Thailand

IDG News | 2011.12.02 07:32

Western Digital starts restoring hard-drive production in Thailand after devastating floods.

WikiLeaks working on new whistle-blowing platform

IDG News | 2011.12.02 07:31

WikiLeaks also released a study covering companies developing surveillance products.

Jury rules against Rambus in antitrust case

IDG News | 2011.11.17 09:22

Micron and Hynix did not conspire to suppress Rambus' RDRAM product, the jury says.

HP unveils its first business ultrabook

IDG News | 2011.11.16 08:12

The new ultrabook and other products come shortly after the company decided not to sell its PC business.

Kindle Fire virtual teardown puts cost at $209.63, about $10 above retail

IDG News | 2011.10.04 08:14

Even so, the tablet is expected to be profitable by promoting sales of other goods.

T-Mobile wants to prevent U.S. ban on Samsung products

IDG News | 2011.09.29 09:51

T-Mobile said a preliminary injunction on sale of Samsung products in the U.S. will affect its holiday sales.

WikiLeaks cable: Apple slow to counter Chinese fakes

IDG News | 2011.08.31 13:53

Apple did not have a global security team, including in China, until March, 2008, when it hired employees from drug company Pfizer, to counter rampant counterfeiting of its products in China, according to a cable leaked by activist group, WikiLeaks.

Focus on smartphone, tablet screen sizes at show

IDG News | 2011.08.29 11:44

At next week's Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) in Berlin, smartphone makers are expected to push the boundaries of the device's screen sizes, while also launching tablets and trying to accelerate the momentum for 3D-capable products.

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