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Sony London optical disc warehouse destroyed in fire

IDG News | 2011.08.09 08:47

The fire will almost certainly have an impact on supply of Sony entertainment products in the U.K. and Ireland.

BalaBit IT Security Achieved Nearly 60 Percent Year-Over-Year Revenue Increase Driven by Compliance

IDG News | 2011.06.16 08:00

The company's most popular product, Shell Control Box, an activity monitoring tool for privileged access, contributed with a 187 percent revenue growth.

Analyst: Foxconn Explosion Could Lead to iPad Shortages

IDG News | 2011.05.23 10:23

The tech world is abuzz again with worries about shortages of popular products, this time because of an explosion at a Chinese factory that killed two people.

Microsoft, SAP team to ease cloud deployments

IDG News | 2011.05.19 11:07

In an attempt to ease cloud deployments for their combined customer base, Microsoft and SAP are configuring some of their software products so that they work more easily together.

Ballmer: Microsoft won't tie Skype to Windows

IDG News | 2011.05.11 12:40

Microsoft will integrate Skype's calling features into many of its key products, including Office, the Xbox and its Windows Phone software, but it will it will also continue to offer Skype for competing platforms, CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday.

Intel's Q1 boosted by enterprise strength, new products

IDG News | 2011.04.21 09:20

Intel reported growth in revenue and income for the first quarter of 2011, driven by the addition of new products and strength in the enterprise market.

Oracle gives up on commercial Open Office

IDG News | 2011.04.18 10:33

Oracle announced Friday that it will no longer sell a commercial version of the Open Office productivity suite, and that the open-source OpenOffice.org will be transitioned to "a purely community-based open-source project."

Twitter product chief now Dorsey, Williams steps down

IDG News | 2011.03.29 15:57

The game of musical chairs continues at Twitter, where co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams will step down as product development leader, a role that will be taken over by Jack Dorsey, another co-founder who had distanced himself from the company's daily operations.

YouTube acquires Next New Networks to aid video creators

IDG News | 2011.03.08 09:56

YouTube has acquired web video production startup Next New Networks to help contributors to YouTube make successful videos.

Cisco gears up for expected flood of mobile data

IDG News | 2011.02.14 10:42

Cisco Systems will make a three-pronged attack at Mobile World Congress this week on what it sees as an impending flood of mobile data, especially video, by extending its current product lines with tools for better content delivery.

Cisco's consumer business chief resigns

IDG News | 2011.02.11 15:02

The head of Cisco Systems' consumer products business is leaving the company less than two years after he arrived with the acquisition of Flip camcorder maker Pure Digital Technologies.

With Apple's Jobs on leave, many questions and few answers

IDG News | 2011.01.18 10:34

With Steve Jobs taking another medical leave, Apple customers, investors, partners and employees are again left to wonder what implications this will have for the company's stock, financial performance, product development and business operations.

Ballmer plugs Windows 7 as an OS for all devices

IDG News | 2011.01.06 14:19

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer positioned Windows 7 as an operating system that can drive new and innovative products, as the company tries to fend off competition from tablet computers based on software from Google and Apple.

Oracle takes on Microsoft, Google with Cloud Office

IDG News | 2010.12.16 10:03

Oracle on Wednesday announced the availability of Cloud Office 1.0, a Web-based productivity suite that is set to give online applications from Microsoft and Google a fresh dose of competition.

Rambus sues Broadcom, Nvidia, four others, over patents

IDG News | 2010.12.02 10:21

Chip developer Rambus has filed patent infringement lawsuits against six chip makers including Broadcom and Freescale Semiconductor in the U.S., and said it is also seeking to ban the import of products that infringe its patents.

Dell's Q3 profits rise on strong enterprise demand

IDG News | 2010.11.19 10:25

Dell on Thursday reported a growth in profits and revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2011, driven by strong demand for the company's commercial products.

Man charged with stealing secrets from wireless company Sirf

IDG News | 2010.11.17 10:19

A San Ramon, California, man is facing charges he stole valuable technology from his former employer in hopes of building competitive location-aware products.

Misys buys financial software vendor Sophis for ?435M

IDG News | 2010.11.15 09:12

Misys is buying fellow financial services software vendor Sophis for ?435 million (US$595 million), creating a company with products for both buy-side and sell-side purposes, the company announced Friday. The deal is expected to close before the end of February.

Motorola retaliates with lawsuit against Microsoft

IDG News | 2010.11.11 12:09

Motorola's mobile phone subsidiary has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft alleging the world's largest software maker has infringed 16 of its patents in PC, mobile and server software, as well as Xbox products.

Amazon to pay US$500 million cash for Diapers.com owner

IDG News | 2010.11.09 11:03

Amazon.com plans to acquire Quidsi, the operator of Diapers.com and Soap.com, for US$500 million in cash to expand into baby care products and goods for everyday needs.

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