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Apple kills Xserve server line

IDG News | 2010.11.08 10:22

Apple has said it will stop selling its Xserve rack servers early next year, killing a product that has traditionally sold in low quantities.

Google sues agency over Microsoft-only cloud deal

IDG News | 2010.11.02 10:26

Google and a reseller of its products have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of the Interior after the agency solicited bids for cloud-based e-mail and messaging services specifying that bidders must use Microsoft products.

Departing Microsoft exec Ozzie plots new 5-year plan

IDG News | 2010.10.26 10:01

As Ray Ozzie prepares to leave Microsoft, he's offering a new five-year plan for the company that eschews the current PC-centric world, just as he made his mark five years ago issuing a call to arms away from software products toward cloud computing.

AMD narrows loss in Q3 on improved chip sales

IDG News | 2010.10.15 12:23

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday posted a net loss for the third quarter, but reported a boost in microprocessor and graphics products sales as it inches its way back to profitability.

IBM extends CloudBurst platform to Power7

IDG News | 2010.10.14 11:36

IBM has refreshed its CloudBurst products for building a virtualized private cloud, adding configurations based on its Power7 processor on top of the x86-based systems it already offered.

Intel posts increased profit, sees bright future

IDG News | 2010.10.13 09:53

Intel reported an increase in quarterly profits on Tuesday, brushing off weakness in the consumer market and predicting "healthy worldwide demand for computing products" moving forward.

Windows Phone 7 launches Monday in crowded smartphone market

IDG News | 2010.10.11 10:07

Microsoft will unveil devices running its new Windows Phone 7 operating system for the first time Monday at an event in New York that some experts predict will be a make-or-break product launch.

Motorola files patent lawsuits against Apple

IDG News | 2010.10.07 10:19

Motorola has filed two patent lawsuits and a patent complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) alleging that a wide range of Apple products infringe its patents.

OpenOffice.org developers move to break ties with Oracle

IDG News | 2010.09.28 15:33

Some developers of the OpenOffice.org desktop productivity suite announced a break from Oracle on Tuesday, introducing a new name for the project and establishing a new foundation to guide its future.

AMD says goodbye to the ATI brand

IDG News | 2010.08.31 09:55

Advanced Micro Devices on Monday said it will remove the ATI name from its products by the end of the year, killing a brand name synonymous with graphics enthusiasts for 25 years.

Google buys visual shopping engine Like.com

IDG News | 2010.08.23 11:26

Google has acquired Like.com, which offers a visual search engine for retail products, a deal aimed at boosting Google's shopping search capabilities and services like its Products engine.

Intel grabs server market share from AMD, says IDC

IDG News | 2010.08.19 14:47

Intel has expanded its share of the server microprocessor market, taking advantage of a slow product transition at perennial rival Advanced Micro Devices, according to figures released late Wednesday by IDC.

Forrester: 2010 IT spending still looks strong

IDG News | 2010.07.22 10:18

Despite fears caused by the European debt crisis, spending on technology products and services is set to continue growing around the world, although the pace of growth in Europe overall will be lower, Forrester Research said in a report released Tuesday.

Intel to ramp up Sandy Bridge faster than expected

IDG News | 2010.07.14 10:39

Intel's latest microprocessor family, code-named Sandy Bridge, will start rolling off production lines faster than expected due to rave reviews by customers, the company's CEO said Tuesday.

US trade panel to investigate S3 complaint against Apple

IDG News | 2010.06.28 09:00

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) has launched a formal investigation into four patent complaints filed against Apple by computer graphics hardware maker S3 Graphics, which asked the agency to block Apple from importing the iPhone, iPad and other products into the U.S.

Intel to produce new Sandy Bridge chips by year-end

IDG News | 2010.04.13 11:53

The latest family of Intel microprocessors, code-named Sandy Bridge, will be in production by the end of this year, while desktops and laptops with the chips will likely be on world markets in early 2011.

Megérkeztek hazánkba a Microsoft felhői

Tech | 2010.04.07 15:11

Április 9-től Magyarországon is elérhető lesz a Windows Azure és a Business Productivity Online Suite.

Real settles lawsuits, will stop selling RealDVD

IDG News | 2010.03.04 12:06

RealNetworks will pay the studios $4.5 million and reimburse people who bought the product.

Ex-Mozilla security chief takes job at Apple

IDG News | 2010.03.02 11:14

Window Snyder is now an Apple senior security product manager.

Motorola will split up in Q1 2011

IDG News | 2010.02.12 12:02

The new businesses will focus on handsets and home products, and enterprise mobility.

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