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Java's future uncertain under Oracle grip

IDG News | 2010.01.22 09:59

Would the Java community thrive as well under Oracle's control as it did under Sun Microsystems'? Vendors of Java products seem split about the question.

Microsoft, HP announce 'infrastructure-to-app' partnership

IDG News | 2010.01.14 10:12

Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft will invest US$250 million over three years on a product integration strategy meant to "significantly simplify" technology deployments for companies of all sizes, they said Wednesday.

Ingyen kipróbálhatók a Microsoft online szoftverszolgáltatásai

Üzlet | 2010.01.08 14:00

A Business Productivity Online Suite már Magyarországon is kirpóbálható, és várhatóan áprilisban kerül kereskedelmi forgalomba.

Psystar halts sales of Mac cloning tool, will peddle Linux PCs

IDG News | 2009.12.29 10:11

Mac clone maker Psystar last week indefinitely suspended sales of its only product, a $50 utility that lets customers install Apple's Snow Leopard operating system on generic Intel-based computers.

LG Display develops thinnest-yet LCD TV panel

IDG News | 2009.12.21 10:09

LG Display has developed a prototype LCD panel for television sets that's less than a quarter the thickness of the company's current production panels. The new screen could enable TV set makers to produce even thinner flat-panel sets but there are no current plans for mass production.

Intel won't give up on Larrabee, analysts say

IDG News | 2009.12.08 10:24

Although Intel delayed its first stand-alone graphics processor, code-named Larrabee, the company could use elements of the chip's design and architecture in future products, analysts said on Monday.

Lenovo buys back phone unit with eye on mobile Web products

IDG News | 2009.11.30 11:13

Lenovo will buy back the mobile phone unit that it spun off last year, reversing a move it originally made to focus on its core business in PCs, the company said late Friday.

Microsoft sets Windows Azure production date

IDG News | 2009.11.18 10:52

Microsoft is set to move its Windows Azure cloud platform to a production environment stage, Ray Ozzie, Microsoft chief software architect, said on Tuesday morning.

Five signs your telework program is a bust

IDG News | 2009.10.19 17:03

Many companies make it possible for employees to work remotely, but without a structured telework program in place, they could be putting corporate data at risk and stifling employee productivity.

Former Microsoft open-source chief joins cloud startup

IDG News | 2009.10.02 09:33

Former Microsoft open-source chief Sam Ramji has joined cloud-computing startup Sonoa Systems, taking over product strategy and business development at the Santa Clara, California-based company.

Sharp to increase LCD panel production on higher demand

IDG News | 2009.07.10 15:26

The economy might still be in a fragile condition but it seems consumers can't get enough of flat-panel televisions. Sharp plans to increase production of LCD panels by tens of thousands of screens per month after seeing increased demand from TV makers, it said Thursday.

Greenpeace pans PC makers for toxic products

IDG News | 2009.07.06 16:57

Greenpeace International on Wednesday criticized some major PC makers for backtracking on commitments to reduce hazardous substances in hardware.

Megjelent a Microsoft all-in online csomagja

Tech | 2009.04.28 11:19

A Business Productivity Online Suite kedvezményes áron kínál nagyvállalati szoftvereket a kis cégeknek.

Microsoft brands Office 2010, releases Exchange beta

IDG News | 2009.04.15 16:27

Microsoft released a beta of Exchange Server 2010 on Wednesday, the first product that enterprise customers will see from the next version of Office.

Nvidia spent $43.6 million to replace faulty graphic chips

IDG News | 2009.03.16 09:25

Graphics chip vendor Nvidia spent US$43.6 million during its last fiscal year to cover warranty and product replacement claims related to graphics chips that were manufactured and sold with a weak packaging material, the company said on Friday.

Microsoft testing Kumo search engine internally

IDG News | 2009.03.04 14:59

Microsoft has confirmed it is testing a new search engine called Kumo, based on technology from its Powerset acquisition, that is likely to be an early version of a soon-to-be-rebranded Live Search product.

Alcatel-Lucent focuses on Cisco two years after merger

IDG News | 2008.11.24 17:40

Alcatel-Lucent announced a raft of new voice and data switching and routing products and enhancements Monday, all of them focused on showing the company as a competitor to market leader Cisco Systems Inc.

Intel launches Core i7 as PC demand softens

IDG News | 2008.11.17 16:24

Intel began sales of its high-end Core i7 desktop chips in Tokyo late Saturday night, bringing to market a series of processors that are significantly more powerful than any of the company's current desktop products.

Clickjacking vulnerability to be revealed next month

IDG News | 2008.09.30 16:33

After shelving plans to detail a browser clickjacking vulnerability that is indirectly related to Adobe Systems' products at the company's request earlier this month, a security researcher plans to detail the flaw next month.

Samsung puts 128G-byte SSDs into mass production

IDG News | 2008.07.09 14:31

Samsung Electronics is mass producing solid-state drives with a 128G-byte capacity, and will begin production of a 256G-byte product later this year, the company said Wednesday.

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