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Panasonic to launch Toughbook mini tablet this week

IDG News | 2008.06.23 13:46

Panasonic will later this week add a rugged mini tablet PC to its Toughbook line of products.

AMD shuffles executives, creates central engineering group

IDG News | 2008.05.13 09:12

Advanced Micro Devices announced a series of executive changes Monday, including the creation of a Central Engineering Organization to oversee the company's product roadmap.

Toshiba eyes fuel cells, Cell-based TV by 2009

IDG News | 2008.05.09 15:03

Toshiba plans to begin mass production of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells by March next year and to have a television based on the powerful Cell microprocessor on sale before the end of the same year, it said Thursday.

Display technology to make colors jump off the screen

IDG News | 2008.04.17 10:10

Hewlett-Packard Co. is planning to deploy a new color display technology it says can display one billion colors, making them far more vibrant and real, across its product lines.

AMD finally ships quad-core Opterons

IDG News | 2008.04.10 08:27

Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday announced it was shipping the quad-core Opteron chip in volume after fixing a bug, but concerns are being raised about AMD's abilities to stick to its product roadmap, analysts said.

Intel has a chip, but where are the MIDs?

IDG News | 2008.04.04 10:30

For all the fanfare surrounding the launch of Intel's Centrino Atom chip package at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, there was a notable shortage of new products based on the chips, apart from a few concept designs rolled out for the occasion.

Lenovo's Yang takes the high-end road

IDG News | 2008.03.25 14:08

Lenovo Group Chairman Yang Yuanqing wants to challenge perceptions of Chinese companies as mainly producers of cheap, low-end products.

Patton nyerte el újból az Év Internetes Telefon díjat 2007-ben

Céginfo | 2008.02.29 09:48

Patton Electronics nyerte el immáron harmadik egymást követő évben az Internet Telephony Product of the Year kategóriában, az egyik legmeghatározóbb online magazin a HYPERLINK (http://www.itmag.com) oldalán.

Hat kategóriában nyerték el a Product of the Year 2008 díjat

Céginfo | 2008.01.28 17:21

Sun Microsystems termékei, szolgáltatásai kiemelkedő sikert arattak a tekintélyes fejlesztői szakportál, a Developer.com évzáró szavazásán. A Developer.com felhasználói tizenegyből hat kategóriában a Sunt látták a legjobbnak, s az összes leadott szavazatot tekintve a Java Standard Edition 6 JDK végzett az élen.

Dell launches new PowerEdge blade servers

IDG News | 2008.01.21 09:28

Dell is expected on Monday to add a new series of blade products to its PowerEdge server line, expanding its presence in a market dominated by rivals IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

IBM buys Israeli storage startup XIV

IDG News | 2008.01.03 10:36

IBM has bought XIV, an Israeli manufacturer of SAN (storage area network) equipment. XIV's main product is Nextra, a storage system based on a grid of standard hardware components.

Google picks iPhone for launch of new mobile app

IDG News | 2007.12.06 11:14

Google released on Wednesday an iPhone application that puts Google's numerous services into a single interface on a navigation toolbar. Over time, the application will be available for other mobile devices, said Gummi Hafsteinsson, a product manager with the Google mobile team.

Microsoft beats Street

IDG News | 2007.10.26 13:43

Strong sales of new and old products alike led Microsoft to its fastest first-quarter growth in seven years, with the company reporting growth in all five business segments and both revenue and earnings per share (EPS) that beat analyst expectations.

Sony starts Bravia TV production in Slovakia

IDG News | 2007.10.16 16:16

Sony Corp. has begun production of flat-panel televisions at a new Ľ11 billion (US$93.6 million) plant in Slovakia as demand for thin TVs is increasing in Europe.

IBM begins another wave of SOA releases

IDG News | 2007.09.27 13:51

IBM Corp. released SOA products for integrating software applications and improving business processes, and said more customers are starting to understand the SOA concept.

SAP describes road ahead for its PLM software

IDG News | 2007.08.08 13:43

Business applications vendor SAP AG on Wednesday laid out the future path for its product lifecycle management (PLM) software over the next three-plus years.

Google Desktop finally out for Linux

IDG News | 2007.06.28 12:01

Google Inc. plans to launch a Linux version of Google Desktop on Wednesday, almost three years after the product's launch for the Windows operating system.

Microsoft unveils table-top Milan computer

IDG News | 2007.05.30 15:23

Microsoft Corp. has chosen what it sees as the next-generation in PC form factors - a computer the size and shape of a coffee table with a flat, touchscreen display - as the third major product it has designed and is branding for the consumer electronics market.

SAP to lose another key U.S. executive

IDG News | 2007.05.23 15:47

SAP AG confirmed Tuesday that Aliza Peleg, managing director of SAP Labs U.S., will leave the business applications company by the end of next month. Her departure follows that of Shai Agassi, president of SAP's product and technology group, who resigned from SAP on April 1.

IBM chip alliance inks new pact for 32nm chips

IDG News | 2007.05.23 15:44

A group of chip makers led by IBM Corp. has agreed to further their collaboration by jointly developing 32-nanometer semiconductor production technology, a sign the alliance will continue to move forward.

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