Asus hybrid phone, tablet, laptop teaser could be a new Padfone


An Asus version of the "Will It Blend" video implies that the company may debut a single integrated device at Computex.


Asus has begun teasing Computex attendees with a series of videos, including one that takes the "Will It Blend?" video series and throws in a laptop, phone, or tablet.

That's not to say that Asus shows the three being ground up into a fine plastic dust. Instead, the company is implying that it plans to combine the three--and the most obvious conclusion is some extension to its Padfone lineup.

Asus recently revealed that the Padfone X will make landfall on American shores on June 6, when the phone-laptop hybrid arrives at AT&T. Unfortunately, the Padfone X only combines a phone and tablet, using a full-featured 5-inch smartphone (itself powered by a Qualcomm 800 chip) to serve as the brains of a 9-inch tablet, all for $200 plus a service plan, or as little as $22.92 per month over an 18-month period.
Given that the Padfone X lacks a hardware keyboard, then, we must either assume that Asus will ship some sort of keyboard accessory, such as a hard, protective case, or a wild amalgamation of all three.


Imagine if you will, a phone that slides into a tablet that slides into a hybrid two-in-one chassis. The stuff of fever dreams? Perhaps.

Asus has already said that the Padfone X will ship with a mobile dock that transforms the device into an impromptu notebook, so it's possible that they'll merely show off how it all fits together.

But with the fairy dust liberally sprinkled into the Asus magic blender, maybe it's good old fashioned magic... or superpowers. That's the tack Asus took in its other teaser video, which implies that Asus tablets will include apps for photo manipulation, some sort of proactive reminders, and the ability to throw images from the tablet onto a TV screen.

How will it all play together? If nothing else, we should know by June 2, when Asus holds its Computex press conference at the local equivalent of 2:00 am Eastern time. PCWorld will let you know how it all plays out.

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