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Samsung buys SmartThings in ambitious push to connect your home

IDG News | 2014.08.15 10:37

SmartThings makes a mobile app and a software platform for controlling household objects.

Google acquires Emu texting and virtual assistant app

IDG News | 2014.08.07 12:53

The app adds scheduling and location functionality to text messaging.

Teradata Acquisitions Accelerate Big Data Innovation

IDG News | 2014.07.23 23:08

Underscores commitment to customer value, extends big data portfolio, and expands the capabilities of Teradata's Unified Data Architecture.

Google acquires video ads company mDialog

IDG News | 2014.06.20 11:00

In a separate development, Google said the team at wireless company Alpental Technologies had joined it.

Yahoo acquires diary app maker Wander with an eye toward mobile

IDG News | 2014.02.12 08:00

Wander's chief app 'Days' will live on, the startup said.

Telstra to sell 70 per cent of Sensis for $454m

IDG News | 2014.01.13 15:04

Telecommunications provider, Telstra, is set to make $454 million from a new strategic partnership with Platinum Equity as it prepares to sell 70 per cent of its stake in its directories business, Sensis, to the US-based private equity firm.

Google buys maker of fascinating, creepy robots

IDG News | 2013.12.16 23:10

Boston Dynamics' robots move like humans, four-legged animals, and one shifts its shape to fit through tight spaces.

IBM buys Dexia IT services arm

IDG News | 2013.12.10 13:00

Expect more deals next year, says analyst.

Facebook to buy mobile data compression startup Onavo

IDG News | 2013.10.15 07:30

Onavo's technology will be used to connect more people to the Internet, Facebook said.

Accenture buys procurement systems specialist for $375m

Tech | 2013.10.06 23:10

Real time procurement savings tool is a winner.

Intel to acquire network security firm Sensory Networks

IDG News | 2013.10.01 09:30

The company provides pattern matching technology for network security applications.

Microsoft to acquire Nokia's mobile phone business

IDG News | 2013.09.03 08:30

Nokia will focus on network infrastructure, mapping and locations services and technology development and licensing.

Facebook buys speech translation software company

IDG News | 2013.08.12 23:02

Facebook gains translator app Jibbigo through the deal.

Intel gestures toward the future with Omek buy

IDG News | 2013.07.17 08:00

Intel has snapped up Omek, a company specializing in gesture recognition. It's part of Intel's effort to popularize perceptual computing.

China's Baidu to acquire local app stores for $1.9 billion

IDG News | 2013.07.16 07:54

Baidu wants to expand its presence in China's mobile Internet market.

Western Digital to acquire sTec to expand in enterprise SSDs

IDG News | 2013.06.25 07:37

STec will be integrated with Western Digital subsidiary HGST

5 social media deals that make Waze and Tumblr seem like steals

IDG News | 2013.06.18 06:00

Tech companies' spending billions of dollars on up-and-coming social sites is nothing new, but a few past deals might surprise you.

SoftBank hikes bid for Sprint to $21.6 billion

IDG News | 2013.06.11 06:47

SoftBank amended its offer to give shareholders more cash, while Sprint said it had ended talks with rival bidder Dish.

Google just acquired this flying wind turbine company

IDG News | 2013.05.23 23:55

Google just acquired a company that makes flying wind turbines that can harness wind power anywhere.

HP confirms DOJ investigation into Autonomy acquisition

IDG News | 2012.12.29 11:15

HP said in a regulatory filing with the SEC that it has provided information to U.S. and U.K. authorities.

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