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EU carriers: We're not asking the UN for Internet taxes

IDG News | 2012.06.11 08:08

An EU proposal for new ITU regulations is not asking for taxes, but wants commercial compensation for carriers from content producers.

Europe's proposed new data laws called a burden on business

IDG News | 2012.01.26 07:56

The right to be forgotten and mandatory data breach notification cause the most concern.

DOJ investigating e-book pricing, official says

IDG News | 2011.12.08 07:43

Lawmakers call on the DOJ and FTC to look closely at Google's search dominance and acquisitions.

Apple gets injunction barring Samsung Tab sales in Europe

IDG News | 2011.08.10 08:43

The German court's ruling applies to all European Union countries except the Netherlands.

EU, US call for ICANN Internet governance reforms

IDG News | 2011.05.16 09:40

The U.S. and the European Union have agreed to work together to ensure that domain naming on the Internet remains in the hands of independent private-sector stakeholders, but have demanded reforms.

Google faces another antitrust complaint in Europe

IDG News | 2011.02.23 15:00

French company 1plusV has accused Google of stopping smaller competitors from generating advertising revenue by abusing its dominant position in the search market. The company said it made the allegations in a complaint filed with European Union antitrust authorities on Tuesday.

European Union clears Oracle's purchase of Sun

IDG News | 2010.01.21 14:15

The European Commission granted Oracle an unconditional approval to take over Sun Microsystems on Thursday, following a controversial and drawn out examination of the deal.

Reform of EU telecom laws rejected by European Parliament

IDG News | 2009.05.06 16:05

Wide-ranging reforms of European Union telecom laws were rejected by the European Parliament on Wednesday because of one clause that would have compromised citizens' rights of access to the Internet.

EU close to agreement on telecom law changes

IDG News | 2009.03.25 15:11

European Union lawmakers are close to agreement on how to update a package of telecom laws in light of recent advances in technology, European Commissioner Viviane Reding said Wednesday.

EU drops probe as Apple moves to equalize iTunes prices

IDG News | 2008.01.09 16:54

The European Commission ended its antitrust investigation into Apple after the company agreed to reduce the price of music downloads from its iTunes Web site in the U.K., the European Union's antitrust regulator said Wednesday.

EU may consider regulation of broadband pricing

IDG News | 2007.10.15 14:50

The gap between broadband haves and have nots in the European Union has widened during the past year, a trend that might warrant price regulation similar to that imposed on the market for mobile roaming charges earlier this year, the European Commission said Monday.

EU fines Telefónica ?152M over broadband pricing

IDG News | 2007.07.05 08:51

The European Union's antitrust regulator has fined telecommunications operator Telefónica SA ?152 million (US$207 million) for overcharging its competitors for wholesale access to broadband services in Spain. But competing operators say the fine is still not enough to ensure fair competition in Europe's telecommunications markets.

Google bends to EU privacy concerns

IDG News | 2007.06.13 14:43

Google Inc. will make the data it stores about end users anonymous in its server logs after 18 months, part of an effort to deflate concerns about privacy raised last month by a European Union working group.

EU to go ahead with Galileo satellites, says official

IDG News | 2007.04.27 13:21

As concerns mount about the commercial viability of Galileo, the European Union's ambitious geopositioning satellite project, pulling the plug isn't an option, said European Commission Vice President Gunter Verheugen on Thursday.

Microsoft meets EU deadline, hopes to stave off fine

IDG News | 2007.04.24 09:32

Microsoft Corp. Monday said it met the European Union antitrust agency's deadline for responding to allegations that the company overcharges for the information rivals need to make their products work smoothly with Windows.

EU Commissioner suggests new regulatory approach

IDG News | 2006.12.04 15:46

At a global event once known for long-winded, diplomatic speeches delivered by heads of state-owned telephone companies, Viviane Reding, European Union Commissioner for Information Society and Media, was brief and blunt in her keynote speech Monday at the opening of the Telecom World conference and exhibition in Hong Kong.

Microsoft seeks US court intervention in EU

IDG News | 2006.03.03 12:36

Microsoft Corp. Friday asked three U.S. courts to force Sun Microsystems Inc., Oracle Corp., IBM Corp. and Novell Inc. to produce documents pertaining to the European Union's (EU's) antitrust case against the software vendor.

EU law used to beat spammers

IDG News | 2006.01.02 02:32

Nigel Roberts used the European Union's E-Privacy Directive law to win Ł300 (US$500) in compensation from Falkirk-based Media Logistics (UK) Ltd., becoming the first person in the country to use European legislation to defeat spammers.

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