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This suspected cybercriminal may be buying coke with your online bank funds

IDG News | 2014.11.14 11:29

CSIS Security Group has turned over its findings to law enforcement in several countries.

Hackers strike defense companies through real-time ad bidding

IDG News | 2014.10.17 10:09

Malicious advertisements are being 'micro-targeted' at defense companies, Invincea said.

Survey: Most hackers do it for the lulz

IDG News | 2014.08.14 23:33

What motivates hackers to wreak havoc on security systems and steal sensitive data? According to a new survey, most hackers do it for kicks, and few think they'll get caught.

Hackers attack enterprise every 1.5 seconds: FireEye

IDG News | 2014.02.28 11:15

Malware activity has become so pervasive globally that attack servers communicating with Malware are now hosted in 206 countries and territories.

Yahoo acknowledges Yahoo Mail hack

IDG News | 2014.01.31 12:30

Yahoo acknowledges that hackers attacked a third-party database and collected an undlsclosed number of passwords and usernames.

Russian cybercriminals earned $4.5 billion in 2011

IDG News | 2012.04.24 14:02

Russian-speaking hackers earned an estimated $4.5 billion globally using various online criminal tactics and are thus responsible for 36% of the estimated total of $12.5 billion earned globally by cybercriminals in 2011, Russian security analyst firm Group-IB said in a report published on Tuesday.

Website vulnerabilities fall, but hackers become more skilled

IDG News | 2012.04.17 07:20

Developers were introducing 148 serious flaws on an average per website in 2011, according to WhiteHat Security.

Hackers deface Panda Security's website following arrests

IDG News | 2012.03.07 07:47

Panda Security was targeted for its praise of the arrests of alleged Anonymous members.

Interpol arrests 25 alleged Anonymous members

IDG News | 2012.02.29 08:02

The suspected hackers were arrested in Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Spain.

Five Ways to Protect Your Email at Work

IDG News | 2012.01.31 07:21

Hackers can exploit email to hack into your work accounts. But these simple techniques can help protect your email account and company data.

AT&T hackers have terrorist connections, say Philippines police

IDG News | 2011.11.28 07:44

AT&T hackers have terrorist connections, say Philippines police.

CIA, Mossad, MI6 targeted by Iranian DigiNotar-hackers

IDG News | 2011.09.05 10:01

The intruders signed forged certificates for targetted domains.

Citi hackers made $2.7 million

IDG News | 2011.06.27 08:37

About 3,400 of the 360,000 compromised credit card accounts were hit with fraud.

Hackers steal Hotmail messages thanks to Web flaw

IDG News | 2011.05.25 11:23

Criminals recently spent more than a week siphoning e-mail messages from Hotmail users' accounts, thanks to a programming bug in Microsoft's website.

Sony takes down PlayStation Network after URL error

IDG News | 2011.05.19 11:08

Nothing comes easy to Sony these days. The company was forced to take part of its Sony PlayStation Network offline briefly on Wednesday as it fixed a Web glitch that gave hackers a way to take over users' accounts.

AT&T iPad hacker fought for media attention, documents show

IDG News | 2010.12.16 10:05

A member of the group of hackers credited with uncovering more than 100,000 iPad users' e-mail addresses on AT&T's website worked hard to get the story covered by the media, according to recently unsealed court documents.

Hackers steal McDonald's customer data

IDG News | 2010.12.13 16:15

McDonald's is working with law enforcement authorities after malicious hackers broke into another company's databases and stole information about an undetermined number of the fast food chain's customers.

Yahoo will invest in hackers with good ideas

IDG News | 2010.07.26 11:59

Yahoo is considering investing in hackers with good ideas and technologies, a company executive said on Saturday.

Google acknowledges YouTube hack

IDG News | 2010.07.05 10:18

Malicious hackers attacked Google's YouTube on Sunday, exploiting a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on the ultra-popular video sharing site, hitting primarily sections where users post comments.

Report: Russian gang linked to big Citibank hack

IDG News | 2009.12.22 11:05

U.S. authorities are investigating the theft of an estimated tens of millions of dollars from Citibank by hackers partly using Russian software tailored for the attack, according to a news report.

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