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Court gives first nod to Sony BMG settlement

IDG News | 2006.01.09 13:56

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is praising a U.S. District Court judge's preliminary approval Friday of a settlement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment over two widely-criticized copy protection programs found on an estimated 15 million music CDs.

Intel bringing life to channel surfers with Viiv

IDG News | 2006.01.09 01:53

If you're a producer for a third-rate variety television show, you're not going to like PCs with Intel Corp.'s Viiv logo, according to the head of the company's digital home group.

Google's Page launches video download service at CES

IDG News | 2006.01.07 13:51

As expected, Google Inc. launched a new video download service during a keynote by co-founder and President Larry Page at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Friday.

iPod, LCDs best sellers at top U.S. tech stores

IDG News | 2006.01.06 13:49

Holiday sales at top U.S. technology retailers over the past few weeks sparkled, with iPod music players and LCD (liquid crystal display) displays leading the charge, executives said Friday.

Sony's Stringer seeks balance for copy-protection

IDG News | 2006.01.06 13:48

The recent controversy over a copy-protection system employed on music CDs from Sony BMG Music Entertainment proved to Sony Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer the need to carefully balance the needs of customers and the rights of artists, he said this week.

Fight between Blu-ray, HD-DVD bad for everyone

IDG News | 2006.01.06 13:43

The drive to replace DVD technology with newer discs boasting greater storage capacity has come down to two major competing formats, and the coming marketplace battle will be bad for companies and users, the head of a major U.S. technology products retailer said Friday.

Microsoft shuts down Chinese blogger's site

IDG News | 2006.01.06 02:54

Microsoft Corp. has blocked the site of a Chinese blogger critical of the government, raising sharp questions from its own employees over how far the company should go in abiding by restrictive laws used to curtail free speech and press in the communist country.

WMF flaw can't wait for Microsoft fix, researchers say

IDG News | 2006.01.02 13:33

Users of the Windows OS should install an unofficial security patch now, without waiting for Microsoft Corp. to make its move, security researchers at The SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center (ISC) advised on Sunday.

Google to be default search on Opera mobile browsers

IDG News | 2006.01.02 13:30

While rumors of Google Inc. buying Opera Software ASA haven't proved true, the pair have extended their relationship. Opera will include a Google search item on the opening pages of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, the browsers designed for handheld devices. Opera filed a short statement regarding the one-year contract to the Oslo stock exchange on Thursday.

Cornice to launch 8GB, 10GB small hard drives

IDG News | 2006.01.02 13:29

Miniature hard-disk drive maker Cornice Inc. will launch higher-capacity drives at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that begins later this week in Las Vegas, the company said.

EU law used to beat spammers

IDG News | 2006.01.02 02:32

Nigel Roberts used the European Union's E-Privacy Directive law to win Ł300 (US$500) in compensation from Falkirk-based Media Logistics (UK) Ltd., becoming the first person in the country to use European legislation to defeat spammers.

Samsung, LG both open new LCD factories

IDG News | 2006.01.02 01:31

Two of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD (liquid crystal display) panels have started making screens at new factories that should enable them to cut manufacturing costs and so lead to further price reductions in big-screen, flat-panel televisions.

Phishers now targetting SSL

IDG News | 2006.01.01 13:33

Information theft scammers are increasingly spoofing SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates in a bid to fool Web users, Netcraft Ltd. reports.

Patent firm Rates suing Google over Talk

IDG News | 2006.01.01 02:36

A firm that holds patents for technology used in Internet voice calling is suing search giant Google Inc. for US$5 billion over its Google Talk instant-messaging client, according to court papers.

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