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Microsoft buries hatchet with Kyocera, ending litigation

IDG News | 2015.07.03 09:00

A deal between the two companies puts an end to a lawsuit over Android patents.

Amazon allowed kids to spend millions on in-app purchases, FTC says

IDG News | 2014.07.10 23:47

The agency's lawsuit against Amazon mirrors its earlier action against Apple for a similar problem.

US judge rules Baidu's censorship is protected as free speech

IDG News | 2014.03.28 09:04

The lawsuit sought to punish Baidu for blocking pro-democracy works from its search engine.

US government seeks to hold phone data beyond five-year limit

IDG News | 2014.02.27 10:01

The government says it needs to hold the data because of various lawsuits challenging its collection.

Oracle sues companies it says provide Solaris OS support in illegal manner

IDG News | 2013.07.25 23:55

The lawsuit is the latest move by Oracle against third-party support providers.

Phishing gang found guilty of spending woman's £1 million life savings

IDG News | 2013.04.07 23:30

Eight found guilty of £2.5 million campaign

"I got bronchitis!" viral video star sues Apple after being sampled on iTunes

IDG News | 2013.03.12 23:55

Excitable house fire interviewee became an internet sensation

Apple 'could be sued' for sitting on $137.1 billion cash, expert

IDG News | 2013.01.30 09:45

Apple could be sued by shareholders if it doesn't do something with the $137.1 billion in cash and investments it has.

Samsung phones unaffected as Apple patent case drags on

IDG News | 2012.12.19 09:15

A judge has denied Apple's request for a permanent injunction on 26 Samsung phones that were the focus of the patent lawsuit.

Apple appeals $84,000 payment for pirated Chinese encyclopaedia

IDG News | 2012.11.15 11:15

Apple says it's just the store, but judges ruled that it profited from the sales.

Oracle hit with patent lawsuit over WebLogic Server

IDG News | 2012.11.08 11:15

Middleware vendor Thought says Oracle is knowingly infringing on a number of its patents

Apple financial data may be unsealed in Samsung case

IDG News | 2012.10.18 17:50

Information about sales, profits and margins for specific Apple products should be made public, the judge hearing the company's lawsuit against Samsung Electronics ruled on Wednesday, though a higher court's decision could keep the data from ever being revealed.

Oracle to keep porting software to Itanium after ruling in HP lawsuit

IDG News | 2012.09.05 08:57

A judge ruled that a contract with HP obligates Oracle to continue porting its software until Itanium is discontinued.

Apple wants DOJ to wait till trial's end for settlement with three publishers

IDG News | 2012.08.16 13:50

Apple has opposed a government proposed judgment in an e-books price-fixing lawsuit, stating that the judgement seeks to terminate and rewrite its contracts "before a single document has been introduced into evidence, before any witness has testified, and before the court has resolved the disputed facts."

Apple asks court to punish Samsung for releasing documents in iPhone suit

IDG News | 2012.08.02 09:46

Samsung gave media outlets documents that had been excluded from evidence.

New offices, legislation seen slowing patent lawsuit rush

IDG News | 2012.07.12 08:58

The U.S. acting secretary of commerce sees a Silicon Valley patent office providing several benefits to the region's tech industry.

Court's damages expert for Oracle-Google trial stands to get $2 million

IDG News | 2012.07.09 08:55

The compensation, revealed in court filings, seems 'enormous,' according to one observer.

US judge dismisses Apple patents lawsuit against Motorola

IDG News | 2012.06.25 07:44

Judge Richard Posner's ruling 'with prejudice' means neither side can refile the case.

LinkedIn hit with lawsuit over massive data breach

IDG News | 2012.06.20 07:08

A lawsuit seeking class-action status said the company failed to implement 'industry standard' security measures.

Facebook moves to consolidate IPO lawsuits

IDG News | 2012.06.18 07:10

Facebook said its conversations with underwriters were 'customary' and 'did not violate any rules'.

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