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Apple rules in Singapore

IDG News | 2013.09.16 23:30

Apple was rated the top manufacturer in Singapore while iOS was the leading operating system in the second quarter of 2013 (Q2 2013), according to Millennial Media's newly released Mobile Mix Report.

Foxconn finds underage interns working at factory in China

IDG News | 2012.10.16 18:21

Electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group said on Tuesday that students as young as 14, below the legal working age, were found employed at a company factory in China that has been said to make products for Japanese gaming firm Nintendo.

TSMC's 450-mm wafer production to start in 2018, following delays

IDG News | 2012.09.05 08:58

Pilot production of the wafer is expected to start in 2016 or 2017.

Sony books 2Q loss as TVs, PlayStation weigh on profits

IDG News | 2011.11.02 08:57

The electronics manufacturer said it has also been hurt by the strong yen, and predicts a net loss for the fiscal year.

IT investments by APAC manufacturers to increase: IDC

IDG News | 2011.02.09 10:30

IT departments in the manufacturing vertical are likely to increase their spending to support business applications in 2011, according to an IDC report.

Intel wins key ruling in class-action suit

IDG News | 2010.07.30 10:12

A court-appointed special master has rejected class-action status in an antitrust lawsuit against Intel, determining that the plaintiffs failed to show that PC buyers were harmed by discounts Intel offered to manufacturers.

EU charges Philips, others with forming CRT screen cartel

IDG News | 2009.11.27 11:44

The European Commission has accused manufacturers of cathode-ray tubes of running cartels in the markets for computer monitors and TVs, the regulator said Thursday.

Multifunction devices pose tax headache for EU policymakers

IDG News | 2008.12.12 15:56

When is a mobile phone not a mobile phone? When is a printer not a printer? To IT manufacturers, judges and politicians in Europe these questions are no joke.

IBM buys Israeli storage startup XIV

IDG News | 2008.01.03 10:36

IBM has bought XIV, an Israeli manufacturer of SAN (storage area network) equipment. XIV's main product is Nextra, a storage system based on a grid of standard hardware components.

Nokia offers Windows Live services on handsets

IDG News | 2007.08.23 10:00

Microsoft Corp. has partnered with handset manufacturer Nokia Corp. to deliver some of its Windows Live services on wireless handsets in Europe and the Middle East.

LG sues world's largest laptop PC maker over DVD patents

IDG News | 2007.07.04 09:55

LG Electronics Inc. has filed a lawsuit against the world's largest contract manufacturer of laptop PCs over the infringement of four patents related to DVD (digital video disc) technology, the company said Wednesday.

Avaya to be sold for US$8.2 billion

IDG News | 2007.06.05 14:48

Network equipment manufacturer Avaya Inc. late Monday agreed to a US$8.2 billion cash buyout by private equity firms TPG Capital LLP and Silver Lake Partners, the companies announced.

Bug patching for hardware?

IDG News | 2007.04.13 14:34

Computer Science professor Josep Torrellas has a simple explanation for the hardware he developed to fix bugs that can plague a computer processor after it's been shipped by the manufacturer.

One million OLPC laptop orders confirmed

IDG News | 2007.02.15 08:49

Quanta Computer Inc., the world's largest contract laptop PC manufacturer, already has confirmed orders for one million notebook PCs for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, a company representative said Thursday.

Disk-makers join to push flash-embedded drives

IDG News | 2007.01.04 09:51

The five largest manufacturers of hard-disk drives will work together to promote a new technology that promises to improve system performance, the companies said Thursday.

China readies DVD rival format push

IDG News | 2006.12.15 16:03

Electronics manufacturers in China may be gearing up for another attempt to establish a proprietary optical disc format, although some analysts said such a move is unlikely to succeed.

Intel speeds up introduction of new quad-core chip

IDG News | 2006.12.12 09:30

Intel Corp. says it has rushed introduction of a new quad-core chip originally scheduled for next year to Monday to meet demand from server manufacturers for the processor.

Windows Vista on its way to manufacturing

IDG News | 2006.11.09 08:52

After several delays, the long-awaited update to the Windows client OS, Windows Vista, is expected to be on its way to manufacturers Wednesday.

Skype introduces Wi-Fi phones

IDG News | 2006.07.20 12:15

Open wireless Internet hotspots will soon serve as virtual phone booths, as four manufacturers plan to introduce Wi-Fi handsets for Skype Ltd.'s popular VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) telephony service this quarter.

Samsung, LG both open new LCD factories

IDG News | 2006.01.02 01:31

Two of the world's largest manufacturers of LCD (liquid crystal display) panels have started making screens at new factories that should enable them to cut manufacturing costs and so lead to further price reductions in big-screen, flat-panel televisions.

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