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Lightning strikes cause problems in 20% of data center cases

IDG News | 2015.08.21 18:10

Four successive lightning strikes on a local utility grid in Europe caused a data loss at Google's Belgium data center. For Google, a company with a self-described "appetite for accuracy" in its data center operations, admitting an unrecoverable data loss as small as 0.000001% -- as it did -- likely came with a little bit of pain.

Qualcomm may face probe into business practices in South Korea

IDG News | 2015.02.12 19:08

The new investigation follows China fining Qualcomm $975 for monopolistic behavior.

Apple offers workaround for iPhones borked by iOS 8.0.1

IDG News | 2014.09.26 07:06

Apple intended Wednesday's iOS update to fix a few major problems in the latest version of its mobile operating system, but instead saw an entire category of iPhones disabled by the release.

NSA data center suffers 'meltdowns,' is delayed by a year, report says

IDG News | 2013.10.08 07:56

The giant Utah facility has been dogged by electrical problems, a report says.

BlackBerry rescinds BBM's release after false start

IDG News | 2013.09.23 23:30

BlackBerry is delaying the release of versions of BBM for Android and iOS after a leaked copy caused support problems.

Yet more problems said to plague Retina MacBooks

IDG News | 2013.03.24 23:57

Problems with fans and ghosting on the Retina display, and now claims that users are experiencing "other significant performance issues".

Netflix faced problems relating to DVD website

IDG News | 2013.01.02 10:45

The problem on the DVD website has been resolved, Netflix said.

Skype sign-in problems knock millions offline

IDG News | 2011.06.08 10:54

Skype blamed a configuration problem and said the situation should improve shortly.

Google: Gmail blocking designed by Chinese government

IDG News | 2011.03.21 10:26

China is blocking Gmail in the country with methods that make it look as if the access problems lie with Google, said the search engine giant on Monday.

Japan's Mizuho Bank struggles with system failure

IDG News | 2011.03.18 10:29

Computer system problems at one of Japan's biggest banks continued on Friday, with Mizuho Bank unable to process salary payments for more than half a million people. The bank also said its Internet banking service and ATMs would be offline over Japan's upcoming three-day weekend.

IDC: Intel's Sandy Bridge woes not helping AMD

IDG News | 2011.02.26 17:02

Slip-ups by a competitor are usually good for business, but Intel's recent problems with its Sandy Bridge chips won't help Advanced Micro Devices to steal market share from its bigger rival, according to IDC.

SAP system issue blamed for delayed San Diego audit

IDG News | 2010.11.22 09:53

Problems with its SAP system are forcing San Diego to delay a city budget audit for six months, in just the latest tale of woe for the troubled ERP (enterprise resource planning) project.

4 Easy Answers to iPhone 4 Problems

IDG News | 2010.06.28 09:02

So what if some iPhones lose reception when the hand covers the antenna? That's your problem, not Apple's. "Non issue," Apple chief executive Steve Jobs told a MacRumors forumgoer via e-mail. "Just avoid holding it in that way." Fair enough, but what about iPhone 4's other reported issues, including screen discoloration, reversed volume buttons, stubborn cameras and scratched glass? If Apple's going to pin the antenna problem on users, why stop there? Here's how the company should handle all those other pesky complaints:

Hardware expert explains iPhone 4 antenna problem

IDG News | 2010.06.25 14:39

Reports of call and data signal strength problems in the new iPhone 4 have a basis in fact, a hardware expert said Thursday.

Apple delivers iOS 4, users report back-up problems

IDG News | 2010.06.22 11:47

As expected, Apple opened the download gate for iOS 4 today shortly after 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT.

Apple delivers iOS 4, users report back-up problems

IDG News | 2010.06.22 10:08

As expected, Apple opened the download gate for iOS 4 today shortly after 1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. PT.

VMware, Citrix struggle with "bare-metal" desktops

IDG News | 2010.03.25 17:43

Drivers are among the virtualization vendors' problems.

Google has minor China outage after censorship snub

IDG News | 2010.03.24 11:42

Users in China had brief technical problems accessing Google.com and Google.com.hk.

DOJ asks for extension of Microsoft antitrust judgment

IDG News | 2009.04.17 17:04

The U.S. Department of Justice has asked a U.S. judge to extend her antitrust judgment against Microsoft by at least 18 months in order to give the company enough time to fix problems in technical documentation required in a communication protocols licensing program.

Security analyst spots three flaws in Google Docs

IDG News | 2009.03.27 16:05

Google denies problems, but finds could raise more questions over the safety of storing data in the cloud.

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