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Shortage of Linux professionals causes European skills crisis

IDG News | 2014.06.12 14:36

25 percent of projects are delayed as a result

CIOs fear mainframe skills shortage as experienced developers retire

IDG News | 2014.02.19 19:52

But companies are still unprepared.

Seagate: Shortage of disk drives to continue through 2012

IDG News | 2012.02.01 07:55

Large customers are willing to enter into long-term agreements to ensure supply continuity.

SSD prices will fall below $1 per GB in 2012, says IDC

IDG News | 2012.01.10 07:00

Last year was a record setter, and growth will continue thanks to lower pricing and shortages following Thai floods.

IDC: Thailand floods will hurt overall PC shipments

IDG News | 2011.11.11 08:04

PC prices could rise as a result of hard-drive supply shortages, IDC said.

Analyst: Foxconn Explosion Could Lead to iPad Shortages

IDG News | 2011.05.23 10:23

The tech world is abuzz again with worries about shortages of popular products, this time because of an explosion at a Chinese factory that killed two people.

Intel has a chip, but where are the MIDs?

IDG News | 2008.04.04 10:30

For all the fanfare surrounding the launch of Intel's Centrino Atom chip package at the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, there was a notable shortage of new products based on the chips, apart from a few concept designs rolled out for the occasion.

Wii and PS3 boom in Nov, 360 holds steady

IDG News | 2007.12.14 10:19

Nintendo DS was the top selling system last month shifting an impressive 1.5 million units according to NPD. Wii followed with its best month ever selling a hefty 981,000 units, despite shortages. Saying it's good times at Kyoto headquarters is an understatement.

Asustek complains of Intel laptop processor shortage

IDG News | 2007.10.30 14:32

Taiwan's Asustek Computer complained on Tuesday of a shortage of Intel central processing units (CPUs) for laptop PCs, but said it didn't expect the problem to affect its sales.

Demand spike is causing new Intel chipset shortage

IDG News | 2006.08.21 12:38

A spike in PC demand has created a new shortage of Intel Corp. chipsets, potentially reviving an issue blamed for causing the company to lose market share to rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) last year.

Music player sales drive shortage of NAND flash

IDG News | 2006.06.22 11:55

The soaring popularity of MP3 music players is driving demand for NAND flash memory chips faster than suppliers can keep up.

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