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Qualcomm may face probe into business practices in South Korea

IDG News | 2015.02.12 19:08

The new investigation follows China fining Qualcomm $975 for monopolistic behavior.

Uber in legal hot water again in South Korea

IDG News | 2015.01.22 22:55

The country's telecom regulator said the ride-sharing company is breaking information protection rules.

Android malware targets South Korean online banking customers

IDG News | 2014.06.27 11:15

Thousands have been infected by malware masquerading as a legitimate banking application, Cheetah Mobile said.

South Korea blames North Korea for cyberattacks

IDG News | 2013.07.17 23:37

South Korean officials have stated that North Korea is to blame for attacks against government websites last month, citing North Korean IP addresses and signature malicious computer codes as evidence. In addition, they say the same group of attackers are also responsible for the attacks last March.

Picky spyware ranks sensitive military documents

IDG News | 2013.07.09 07:32

The spyware has been used against South Korean military systems, according to McAfee.

South Korean cyberattacks used hijacked patch management accounts

IDG News | 2013.03.24 23:56

Not our servers, says antivirus vendor AhnLab.

HTC closes office in South Korea where its smartphones struggled

IDG News | 2012.07.30 08:40

The company had a 2 percent share of South Korea's smartphone market in 2011.

Sony PlayStation Network to be fully restored by weekend

IDG News | 2011.05.31 10:48

Sony plans to restore all its PlayStation Network services by this weekend in all regions except Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, the company said Tuesday.

South Korea raids Google over illegal mobile data collection

IDG News | 2011.05.03 12:54

Police in South Korea said they had raided Google's Korea head office in Seoul on Tuesday on suspicion that the subsidiary of the search engine company had illegally collected location data from application subscribers.

SEC charges IBM with bribing Korean, Chinese officials

IDG News | 2011.03.19 14:55

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged IBM with giving hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to South Korean and Chinese officials starting in the late 1990s, according to court documents filed Friday.

Facebook in breach of Korean privacy laws, says regulator

IDG News | 2010.12.08 14:40

Facebook is in breach of South Korean data privacy laws and needs to do a better job of getting consent from users when getting their personal information, a South Korean regulator said Wednesday.

Intel makes WiMax investment with South Korea's KT

IDG News | 2010.09.30 11:16

Intel and South Korea's KT Corporation plan to work together to expand WiBro (Wireless Broadband) Internet service to several new areas of South Korea and and have worked to make the network compatible with mobile WiMax.

South Korea closes flash memory antitrust investigation

IDG News | 2010.01.04 09:42

South Korea's Fair Trade Commission has closed an antitrust investigation of the flash memory industry, concluding that there is no evidence of a pricing cartel.

Microsoft, Samsung sign broad patent accord

IDG News | 2007.04.19 14:11

Microsoft Corp. entered into a broad patent licensing agreement with South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. aimed at speeding product development efforts for both companies, they said Thursday.

Microsoft won't delay Vista in Europe

IDG News | 2006.10.16 10:36

Microsoft Corp. said Friday it is on track to launching Windows Vista simultaneously worldwide. Less than a month ago it warned that antitrust problems could delay the launch in Europe and South Korea.

Samsung to sell 10-megapixel camera phone

IDG News | 2006.10.11 09:42

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. will put a 10-megapixel camera phone on the market in South Korea shortly. The phone was first shown at the Cebit exhibition in Germany in March this year and was originally due on the market in the second quarter.

Sony, Samsung to further raise LCD production

IDG News | 2006.04.20 10:43

S-LCD Corp., the LCD (liquid crystal display) panel production joint venture of Sony Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., plans to invest a further 222 billion won (US$237 million) to expand production at its factory in Tangjeong, South Korea, it said Wednesday.

Microsoft faces another lawsuit in South Korea

IDG News | 2006.03.28 13:13

Microsoft Corp. faces more problems in South Korea after a company sued the U.S. software giant over its bundling of Windows Media Player with the Windows operating system.

TI opens South Korea tech center for mobile TV

IDG News | 2006.03.28 13:12

Texas Instruments Inc., the world's largest maker of mobile phone chips, opened a wireless technology center in South Korea on Tuesday aimed at developing wireless multimedia technologies that can deliver television and other content to handsets.

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