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Hacked data on millions of US gov't workers was unencrypted, union says

IDG News | 2015.06.12 06:40

Massive breach of government data said to expose personal information on millions.

Tech companies dominate best employer list

IDG News | 2014.09.12 10:07

Tech companies have overwhelmingly come out on top as the best industry to work in, according to a national survey of more than 28,000 Australian workers.

Apple attacked over 'worsening' factory conditions in China

IDG News | 2014.09.05 10:07

An investigation has revealed health and safety violations at a factory that supplies Apple and other brands.

Chinese authorities find no underage workers at Samsung supplier

IDG News | 2014.07.17 23:12

Samsung has already temporarily suspended business with the supplier.

U.S. gets flood of H-1B petitions on first day

IDG News | 2013.04.04 23:55

Service provider must bring on more than 100 temporary workers to help with processing the H-1B visa petitions.

Mobility, tablet devices to better support workers in 2013: Motorola Solutions

IDG News | 2012.12.14 11:45

Based on current market trends, Motorola Solutions A/NZ managing director, Gary Starr, expects mobility to be big in 2013.

Sony to cut jobs at TV group and headquarters, and close Japanese phone factory

IDG News | 2012.10.19 18:18

Sony said Friday that its current round of job cuts will include workers in its struggling TV business and at its headquarters in Tokyo, and it will close a mobile phone and lens factory in central Japan.

Samsung finds bad management at supplier in China, launches more audits

IDG News | 2012.09.04 08:13

Despite a labor group's claims, Samsung found no underage workers at a company supplier in China.

Samsung supplier in China uses underage workers, says labor watchdog group

IDG News | 2012.08.08 08:07

Samsung said it investigated the supplier twice this year, and found no "irregularities".

Yahoo laying off 2,000 workers to save $375M

IDG News | 2012.04.05 07:58

Yahoo will begin notifying workers today of 'next steps' in the company.

Apple called out for omitting factory workers from cash pile

IDG News | 2012.03.27 07:15

Watchdog group SACOM says Apple isn't using $98 billion cash pile to address poor working conditions in China.

162,000 sign petition targeting Apple's Chinese factory conditions

IDG News | 2012.02.03 07:09

The petition asks Apple to take steps to protect workers at factories that make iPhones and iPads.

Foxconn workers stage protest in Chinese city

IDG News | 2012.01.11 07:16

Foxconn said the dispute was peacefully resolved at its Wuhan campus in China.

HP confirms layoffs at Palm unit

IDG News | 2011.09.21 09:03

HP has started laying off workers associated with last year's billion-dollar acquisition of Palm, as it closes down the mobile device business it planned to base on Palm's webOS. The news comes almost exactly a month after HP announced a sweeping reorganization and refocusing of its business.

Foxconn worker falls to death in suspected suicide

IDG News | 2011.07.21 09:35

Over a dozen Foxconn workers attempted suicide last year leading to a controversy over working conditions.

Oracle mobilizes inventory management

IDG News | 2011.03.08 16:10

Oracle has introduced a Windows-based mobile client that will allow workers to access its supply chain management software directly from the retail floor or warehouse.

Foxconn plans further pay increase to stop suicides

IDG News | 2010.06.07 10:18

Foxconn plans to raise pay again for workers in Shenzhen, China, to put a stop to a string of suicides at its main factory there, a campus of over 300,000 workers.

Microsoft lays off more workers

IDG News | 2009.05.06 16:03

Microsoft on Tuesday announced new job cuts that are part of the 5,000 the company said in January that it expected to eliminate.

SAP lays off undisclosed number of workers

IDG News | 2009.03.17 09:35

SAP laid off an undisclosed number of employees last week as part of its previously announced plan to trim 3,000 jobs, a company spokesman confirmed Monday.

IBM lays off 1,315 workers, union says

IDG News | 2007.05.02 10:12

IBM Corp. laid off 1,315 U.S. workers from its global services division, a union group under the Communications Workers of America said Tuesday.

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