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NTT DATA Business Solutions - Tehetség a felhőben

PR Cikk | 2021.12.15 08:58

A SuccessFactors számos modullal rendelkezik a HR folyamatok automatizálásához, digitalizálásához a toborzástól, a beléptetésen és a képzésen át a javadalmazásig, utánpótlásig és teljesítményértékelésig.

How to stand out in the new mobile and digital job boards

IDG News | 2014.08.01 10:09

The latest Robert Walters Employee Insights Survey finds 73 per cent of New Zealand Gen Y'ers use their smartphones when job hunting, compared to just 50 per cent of baby boomers.

British spies reportedly spoofed LinkedIn, Slashdot to target network engineers

IDG News | 2013.11.12 07:00

Key employees from telecommunication companies were redirected to pages that installed malware on their computers.

HTC investigates three employees for stealing company secrets

IDG News | 2013.09.02 09:03

HTC said the alleged crimes would have no impact on the company.

BlackBerry lays off 250 new product testing staff

IDG News | 2013.07.28 23:37

BlackBerry has laid off 2 percent of its workforce, all at a facility in Canada.

NSA leaker Edward Snowden is a hero to some, traitor to others

IDG News | 2013.06.11 07:48

Booz Allen employee revealed himself to be source of government data surveillance leaks.

ABB consolidates collaboration with global Office 365 roll-out

IDG News | 2013.04.11 23:55

The power and automation technology company has 145,000 employees in 100 countries.

Social engineering, big data top security priorities for 2013: Gartner

IDG News | 2012.11.12 10:08

The technique of using deception and manipulation to gain sufficient knowledge to dupe an unwary individual, employee or company into revealing personal information has the potential to be one of the biggest security threats in 2013 according to a security expert.

Microsoft plans large expansion in China to push cloud services

IDG News | 2012.09.06 08:38

Microsoft China plans to hire 1,000 new employees in the next fiscal year.

Motorola to cut 4,000 employees as it focuses on high-end devices

IDG News | 2012.08.13 08:23

Motorola Mobility is cutting 4,000 employees as the company shifts its emphasis from feature phones to focus on high-end devices, the company said late Sunday.

Baidu employees fired and arrested for taking bribes to delete content

IDG News | 2012.08.07 09:36

Users in China can easily find paid services online that claim they can delete content from popular forums.

After legal tussle, Google beats Microsoft for large US contract

IDG News | 2012.05.02 07:15

The Department of the Interior will deploy Google Apps to 90,000 employees for cloud-based email and collaboration applications.

Apple, Google and others to face former employees' antitrust suit

IDG News | 2012.04.20 15:31

A federal court in California has ordered seven technology companies including Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google to face a private antitrust suit from five former employees, who alleged that the companies conspired to eliminate competition between them for skilled labor to suppress compensation and mobility of employees.

Spanish bank to move 100,000+ employees to Google Apps

IDG News | 2012.01.12 07:16

This marks the largest deployment of Google Apps to date.

HP board ousts Apotheker, Whitman in as CEO

IDG News | 2011.09.23 08:50

Former SAP CEO Leo Apotheker lasted less than a year in the job.

WikiLeaks cable: Apple slow to counter Chinese fakes

IDG News | 2011.08.31 13:53

Apple did not have a global security team, including in China, until March, 2008, when it hired employees from drug company Pfizer, to counter rampant counterfeiting of its products in China, according to a cable leaked by activist group, WikiLeaks.

Companies recover in aftermath of Japan earthquake

IDG News | 2011.03.23 11:55

Companies with operations in Japan are repairing factories and accounting for employees as recovery continues in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the country's eastern coast on March 11.

'Burning' memo from Nokia's Elop sets stage for OS shake-up

IDG News | 2011.02.10 10:39

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has compared the company's current situation to standing on a burning oil platform in the North Sea. Nokia must decide how it is going to change its behavior, or perish in the flames as its platform burns, Elop wrote in a memo to employees.

With Apple's Jobs on leave, many questions and few answers

IDG News | 2011.01.18 10:34

With Steve Jobs taking another medical leave, Apple customers, investors, partners and employees are again left to wonder what implications this will have for the company's stock, financial performance, product development and business operations.

Microsoft's Muglia stepping down

IDG News | 2011.01.11 15:42

Longtime Microsoft executive Bob Muglia, president of the company's server and tools business, will step down from his position later this year, according to a Steve Ballmer memo issued Monday to company employees.

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