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Verizon hit by an 8-hour email outage

IDG News | 2015.05.21 20:57

A lot of Verizon's email customers woke up to find that their service was down. For many, the problem persisted for 8 hours.

Twitter says error in 'routine change' caused brief outage

IDG News | 2013.06.04 07:27

Some users lost service for about half an hour on Monday

Google Drive suffers outage Monday morning

IDG News | 2013.03.18 23:55

Company reports 'significant' number of users affected.

Netflix restores streaming video after Christmas outages

IDG News | 2012.12.27 09:15

The company said its online streaming was affected by issues in Web services provided by Amazon in the U.S.

Gmail outage provokes snark, anxiety among users

IDG News | 2012.12.10 11:15

Gmail is back online after an outage late Monday morning that provoked a global response on social media.

Twitter struggles with hours-long outage

IDG News | 2012.06.22 08:21

The company briefly reported the problem had been solved before the site went down again.

RIM faces possible class action suit over BlackBerry outages

IDG News | 2011.10.27 08:02

A software firm has also filed a trademark infringement case for RIM's use of the BBX name.

RIM global outage caused by core switch failure; fix under way

IDG News | 2011.10.12 07:59

Backup system also didn't work, RIM explains.

10 best cloud backup strategies for biz continuity

IDG News | 2011.06.30 08:06

Whether they are cloud service outages or natural disasters, cloud computing can be both a nightmare or a savior to your IT organization: either it halts your business operation or loses your data, or it allows you to continue operate your business as workloads are switched to or backed up by physically safer data centers.

Singapore bank suffers massive IT failure

IDG News | 2010.07.06 10:53

One of Singapore's biggest banks suffered a major IT outage on Monday that took down its computer systems for seven hours.

Twitter hit by outage

IDG News | 2010.06.09 10:35

Twitter is recovering from an unspecified technical problem that affected the microblogging service's main site and its APIs (application programming interfaces) for about one hour late Tuesday morning.

Google has minor China outage after censorship snub

IDG News | 2010.03.24 11:42

Users in China had brief technical problems accessing Google.com and Google.com.hk.

T-Mobile USA restores voice, data services after disruption

IDG News | 2009.11.04 13:54

T-Mobile USA has restored voice and data services to users after an eight-hour outage that affected nearly 1.7 million subscribers.

Power outage hits parts of San Francisco

IDG News | 2007.07.25 13:31

A power outage in parts of downtown San Francisco Tuesday affected office computers, lights and a hosting company for several Web sites.

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