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Díjazták a Huawei-t

Tech | 2020.04.15 16:59

A P40-et, a P40 Pro-t és a P40 Pro+-t választották a legjobb fotózási képességekkel rendelkező okostelefonoknak (Best Photo Smartphone) az idei TIPA Awards díjátadón.

A Huawei P30 Pro lett az idei év legjobb okostelefonja

Üzlet | 2019.08.21 16:37

A Huawei csúcstelefonja, a P30 Pro nyerte el idén az Európai Kép- és Hang Szövetség (EISA - Expert Image and Sound Association) legjobb okostelefonnak járó díját ("EISA Best Smartphone 2019-2020").

A legjobb okostelefon kamera

Tech | 2019.04.10 11:45

A Huawei legújabb zászlóshajó készülékét, a P30 Pro-t választották a legjobb fotózási képességekkel rendelkező okostelefonnak (Best Photo Smartphone) az idei TIPA Awards díjátadón.

Díjat nyert a Huawei P20 Pro

Tech | 2018.04.20 12:52

A Huawei legújabb csúcstelefonját, a P20 Pro-t választották a legjobb okostelefonnak (Best Photo Smartphone) az idei TIPA Awards választáson.

Office for Android now widely available, with new Outlook apps in tow

IDG News | 2015.01.29 20:51

Microsoft steps up push to get its software on to all tablets and smartphones.

Lenovo preps for smartphone growth with two new handsets

IDG News | 2014.09.04 23:27

Lenovo could be the Android smartphone maker to watch, as it moves closer to finalizing its purchase of Motorola Mobility from Google by year's end and keeps pounding out new smartphone designs with cutting-edge technology.

How to stand out in the new mobile and digital job boards

IDG News | 2014.08.01 10:09

The latest Robert Walters Employee Insights Survey finds 73 per cent of New Zealand Gen Y'ers use their smartphones when job hunting, compared to just 50 per cent of baby boomers.

Lenovo sees smartphones as key to growth in Africa

IDG News | 2014.02.27 23:42

The company aims to be among the top five vendors.

PayPal to offer hands-free payment through smartphone app

IDG News | 2013.09.10 07:58

PayPal's Beacon technology will be rolled out early next year.

70 percent of US residents have broadband access, study finds

IDG News | 2013.08.26 23:16

But smartphones are widening the broadband gap between seniors and young adults.

Apple's smartphone market share drops to three-year low

IDG News | 2013.07.28 23:55

Samsung is the largest smartphone vendor with increased market share.

Apple, Samsung phone security features to be scrutinized

IDG News | 2013.07.18 23:55

But US prosecutors want kill switches on smartphones as part of the Secure Our Smartphones initiative.

Smartphone Users Tap Facebook Obsessively

IDG News | 2013.04.03 23:55

How addicted are we to Facebook? According to a new report, the answer is very: The average smartphone user checks Facebook on their phone at least 14 times a day.

iPhone arrives at T-Mobile on April 12

IDG News | 2013.03.26 23:50

The last domino has fallen: T-Mobile announced on Tuesday that it would begin carrying the iPhone in April, fulling a promise made earlier this year. At that point, Apple's smartphone will be available on all four major U.S. carriers, as well as a number of smaller, regional carriers.

Processor market to get boost from smartphones, tablets

IDG News | 2013.01.23 09:15

IC Insights says tablets and smartphones will take a larger chunk of overall processor shipments and revenue.

Lenovo sets stage for rumored K900 smartphone with Intel processor

IDG News | 2013.01.07 09:15

So far, Lenovo has been biggest in China with smartphones.

Canonical raises curtain on Ubuntu for smartphones

IDG News | 2013.01.03 09:45

Ubuntu is now a full-fledged smartphone operating system, featuring a host of platform-specific features and an innovative new interface, Canonical announced today.

Samsung phones unaffected as Apple patent case drags on

IDG News | 2012.12.19 09:15

A judge has denied Apple's request for a permanent injunction on 26 Samsung phones that were the focus of the patent lawsuit.

Woz worries about iPhone rivals

IDG News | 2012.12.14 09:15

Apple co-founder talks about growing smartphone market, reflects on Apple's past.

Younger people, men more likely to get news via tablet

IDG News | 2012.12.12 09:15

More and more Americans -- particularly if they are younger, richer and male -- are getting more and more of their news content from smartphones and tablets, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

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